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Lipo, Smart Lipo and/or Breast Augmentation?

I am considering liposuction of the abdomen and hips. The dilema that I face is that I am unsure of which technique is best. I am not a fan of general... READ MORE

I have wide hips, short waist and small chest. Will anything make me more proportionate? (photos)

I have an odd shape. I want to look like the woman in the blue dress. But, my shape is almost exactly like the woman in the brown -wider hips and... READ MORE

Is 500cc mod+ too big for me? (photos)

I asked this question already but didn't include enough detail. I'm 5'8", 185lbs, 36-38B. I carry most of my weight in my hips, butt and thighs so I'm... READ MORE

How long after BA can I safely use crutches?

I am scheduled for BA surgery in 2 weeks. I just found out that I will need hip labral repair surgery that will require approx 4 weeks of crutches.... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for breast augmentation & BBL? 27 years old, Toronto, Canada. No children. 5'1. 129lbs. 32D-29.5-37.5 (Photo)

Not sure if I am a candidate for BBL or not. Wondering about potential wait times between the two, as recovery for both are counter-intuitive. For BA,... READ MORE

How can I get an hourglass figure? (photo)

I have narrow hips. I have a 32C cup at my skinniest. I have no hips though... I have very little waist. I have to be underweight at the highest 100... READ MORE

32A to a full C, what size implant?

I'm a 32A looking to go to a full C. I don't want to be too big or obvious. I'm looking to achieve a natural look. My doctor recommended 450cc but I... READ MORE

LARGER breast & HIPS with the use of estrogen and testosterone.

By the things I have been reading I have come to understand that the use of estrogen and testosterone will help a man transgender to a woman by... READ MORE

What would be the best procedures for me? I'm 5'2 -130lbs - measurements 38 - 26 - 36. Bra size 32DDD (Photo)

Ready for breast-lift (possible implants) along w/ lipo of the back, abs, & flanks. I'm also CONSIDERING a VERY small amt of fat transfer to the upper... READ MORE

Skin is tight and shiny after breast augmentation, am I at risk of getting stretch marks? How can they be avoided? (photo)

I am 4d post op from breast aug where 470cc was put in each side. My skin is very tight and also shiny. I'm worried about stretch marks, eve though... READ MORE

Am I healing properly? (Photo)

I had liposuction of abs, flanks, axilla, hips , breast lift and augmentation 5 days ago! The yellow around my breast is normal? READ MORE

Is it unilateral breast hypoplasia?

I asked a question a few days ago about a really noticeable asymmetry in my chest. One doctor said it might be U.B.H unfortunately it might be true.... READ MORE

I'm 35 yrs old, 5'5, 130 11-13cm. Small shoulder tiny waist, tone flat stomach, but have hips and butt. Any suggestions?

I'm in good shape. I'm a a/b cup now. Good skin tone but not tight. Want to go big but stay classy and natural looking. Moderate plus 350-400cc?? one... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about stretch marks after breast augmentation?

I plan on getting a breast augmentation but I super concerned about developing stretch marks. When I hit puberty I developed a large amount of stretch... READ MORE

If I lose weight will my implants get more cleavage? (photos)

I'm not sure if it's just my anatomy (I'm very tall, hips, quite wide chest) but I was sort of after a more cleavage look. If I lose weight would this... READ MORE

Torn hip labrum before BA?

My BA is scheduled for September 5. I was in a car accident (someone hit me from behind and I was at a complete stop) and may have a torn hip laburm,... READ MORE

Is my hip size increase due to Breast Aug. or being on the couch?

(Pre op weight:150lbs Hips:42inch) (2 week Post op:157 Hips:43inch) Since I am a hairstylist my PS suggested 2 weeks off work. Obviously, I haven't... READ MORE

MRI 2 months after BA. Sorry for dumb questions but wanted to be extra safe :)

So finally I'm going to do the BA in a months time on 19Th February! Yesterday I received an appointment for an MRI on my right hip which I have a... READ MORE

I have had 4 c-sections. I weigh 118 lbs 5'3 tall. My breast sag, stretch marks, and excess lower belly skin & fat. (Photos)

I workout a lot. My stomach just won't change and I like the size of my breast just need lift. Stretch marks don't bother me too much except on my... READ MORE

Still in pain from 8/7 BA, lipo to belly/hips/flanks, fat transfer to lips, vagina, and breast, and labiaplasty. Any suggestion?

Labia area is still swollen and sensitive. Lipo incisions are tender and still hurt. Breast/chest/pectoral area is where I'm most uncomfortable. After... READ MORE

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