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How Long Will my Breast Implants Feel Heavy? (photo)

I'm only three days post op and my boobs feel so heavy like they are full of milk lol I know the implant will soften and move down once the muscle... READ MORE

5'9" and Lean & Atheletic. Desiring B cup. 255 cc or 285 cc? (photos)

I am 5'9", 130 lb, wear 34A but do not fill, BWD 12 cm, band width 33.5". BA is scheduled for 5/20. Desire small implant for active lifestyle &... READ MORE

Am I Too Heavy for a Breast Augmentation?

I would like to be down to 190lbs when I plan on having an augmentation done. My body is very uneven and has been my whole life. I have never went to... READ MORE

Chest pressure and pain - are my implants too big for me? (photos)

I'm 94lbs and 5"3 . 6 weeks from post op . 339 implants over the muscle. Extremely heavy pressure in my chest wall,swelling and some numbness and... READ MORE

What could be causing shape difference? Feeling of heaviness on the left rounder breast. What can be done to correct it? (photo)

4 mo post op.375cc's silicone,round,hp, under muscle.Unhappy w/shape difference.Noticeable in bikini. L breast looks/feels larger, higher.Don't have a... READ MORE

I am about 2.5 month post op. Do I Have Capsular Contraction? (photo)

I am about 2.5 month post op, for about a week or two my left breast has started to feel very heavy, thick, swollen and like something is squeezing... READ MORE

10 months post op, when will my implant drop and fluff? (photos)

Iam now 10months post op 330/300 dual plane silicon implants. But they are still top heavy and empty on the lower pole, my surgeon said to give them... READ MORE

Should smaller implants be used with a lollipop lift? (photo)

When you remove the skin during a lollipop lift, should a smaller size implant be used because you have less skin to fill? I am 5'6" 130 lbs semi... READ MORE

Is it safe to use ice packs on healing breasts? Also, is it okay to put on a sports bra?

My PS said not to use ice packs on healing breasts. I thought it would help the swelling and everyone I have spoken with said they have used ice packs... READ MORE

I'm 5'3, 100 lbs, and very petite. Which profile/cc to get for my desired look? (photos)

I am a young mom who breastfed for over a year. Now a couple months after stopping, I want to get my boobs back! I am 5'3 100lbs and very petite. I am... READ MORE

What Would Cause One Breast Implant to Feel Heavier 3 Months Post- Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation 3 months ago and am having much discomfort and pain - as though the implant was too heavy in the lower pole. I feel a... READ MORE

Will my breasts be softer, lighter and smaller soon? 2 weeks post-op (photo)

I got BA with 420 cc silicon gel tear drop 2 weeks. Now i am not happy with it because i feel it is too hard, too heavy and too big for me. I belive... READ MORE

I have big and heavy breasts and it's starting to become painful. What can I do besides surgery or is that my only route?

I just turned 20 years old and I've always had huge boobs and it was hard to find bras bc I was small now my boobs are getting to the point where I... READ MORE

Pain After Exercise Four Months After Breast Augmentation

I did breast augmentation 4 months ago. A week ago i played tennis. And after that i noticed that my right breast is painful as it was 1 month after... READ MORE

Pain in one breast after lifting something heavy. Any suggestions?

I am 4 weeks post BA, 275cc over the muscle. I moved something heavy at work 2 days ago and have pain in my left breast, from underneath running... READ MORE

Heavy Lifting After BA?

I am a Paramedic, I have to lift, stretchers, equipment and patients. I am planning on taking off 2 weeks. Will this be enough? READ MORE

Is shortness of breath normal 2 days after Breast Augmentation?

I just had my breast implants size 350 2 days post operative and it's so painful and heavy I can't take my breath normally when I set up from the bed... READ MORE

Feeling a bit top heavy?

I currently weight about 119 lbs and 5'3 ..I recently received a BA 5 weeks ago. Not sure if I made the right decision or not. Do you think 286 cc is... READ MORE

Had Saline BA Under Muscle 3 Yrs Ago. Left Breast As Dull Ache & Feels Heavy?

I have a dull ache in my left breast, somethimes a heavy feeling. I'm a pipefitter & my job I turn wrenches alot pull and push & lift. Could... READ MORE

Do I need a breast lift...? Upset with augmentation. (photos)

I got saline implants placed over the muscle about six months ago initially I liked them but now they sag sooo much and are lopsided I want slightly... READ MORE

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