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How long does it take for scars to completely fade (turn white or skin coloured) ?

I am wondering how long it takes for scars to heal to the best of their ability? I have had a transaxillary breast augmentation and my scars are still... READ MORE

Do Tubular Breasts Heal Differently After Breast Augmentation?

I opted for breast augmentation to correct or at least improve my tubular breasts (with very high breast folds). It's been 2 months and I am not... READ MORE

What is the Healing Process of an Areola Incision? (photo)

I just had breast aug with an areola incision 3 weeks ago. I am putting bacitracin zinc on around 3 times a day. Then next week I am starting silicone... READ MORE

Smoking Only 2-3 a Day, Can It Affect Your Healing Process So Bad?

Im going for a breast lift and tummy tuck and fix of inverted nipples.... I'll be going the 13th of July. I'm a social smoker, I'm... READ MORE

How Soon Should I Start Using Scar Treatment After Breast Augmentation?

I'm almost 2 weeks post-op with the incision in the fold and my doctor says to wait till 4 weeks to start using scar treatment. Isn't it... READ MORE

Silicone Sheets for Breast Augmentation Scars?

I am 24 days post breast augmentation with mastopexy for the left breast. Can I now begin to use silicone scar sheets (like neosporin) for my scars? READ MORE

What Is The Approximate Time for Breast Implant Inframammary Incision to Heal?

Good evening, How long does it take for the breast implant inframammary incision site to heal 100%? Thank you! READ MORE

What Can I Do For a Wound that Won't Heal 8 Weeks Post-Op BA Under the Fold?

Just when I thought it was healing, I applied a hydrocolloid bandage trying to speed up the process but when i removed it, ir reopened with some pus.... READ MORE

My Breast Augmentation Scars Are 1 Inch and 1/4 Inch Away from the Crease. Is This Normal?

Hi, I had a breast aug done back in March of this year. I am not satisfied with the placement of my scars and their appearance. The left scar is 1/2... READ MORE

Hole in Incision After Breast Lift/ Augment, How Bad is It? (photo)

Im 3 weeks after breast lift/ augment and about 5 days ago my pain got a but worse went to Dr and he took my tape if to find a hole at the bottom... READ MORE

Incision Not Healing 4 Weeks Post Op After Breast Lift with Augmentation, What To Do?

Three weeks Post-Op I noticed light yellow spots in my bra coming from the juncture of my lollipop incision at the bottom. Now at 4 weeks Post-Op My... READ MORE

Benelli Lift and 550cc Gel Implants 4 Weeks Post Op, Incision Isn't Getting Better? (photo)

I am 4 weeks post op now and my left breast incision isn't getting better yet my PS says it will heal on its own. The incision just keeps getting... READ MORE

How long can I expect my "spitting stitches" wound to heal and what can I do to assist in the process? (Photo)

I had a revision with a lift 3 1/2 weeks ago and at 2 wks when I removed the tape I noticed I had two small "holes" on my breast on the vertical... READ MORE

6 Weeks After Breast Augment and Lift, Wounds Are Still Open, What Should be Done? (photo)

Hi there, here is my another follow up question. 6 weeks after breast augment and lift (second surgery)in 5 months. Wounds are still open, breast... READ MORE

Does this wound look like its healing? (photos)

Is the white around the edges of the wound mean its healing or something else? How long does it take to heal? I am 4 wks post op BL/BA. I had an open... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Augmentation Can I Go on Roller Coasters?

I plan on getting my breasts done end of may, beginning of june, but I'm going to Disney with my family 4th of July weekend, so I just want to... READ MORE

Healing After Augmentation: Consequences to Not Taking Required Downtime?

What are the consequences of not taking the recommended time to heal after a breast augmentation? I had surgery 3 weeks ago, by week one I wasn't... READ MORE

Significant Asymmetry After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had breast augmentation 22 days ago. I am so sad that one breast is significantly lower than the other. It is also bigger. Nipples are uneven. Will... READ MORE

Is Incision Healing Properly for 4.5 Weeks? (photo)

I want to make sure that the incision under each breast is healing properly. I'm not sure what is normal after 4.5 weeks. I figure some redness is to... READ MORE

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