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Could General Anesthetic Used During Breast Augmentation Cause Hair to Thin?

Hi, i will have surgery in March. I have experienced over the past year a major thinning of my hairs (I am 40). I am now really scared that general... READ MORE

Significant and rapid hair loss after Breast Augmentation. Could this be a side effect of the surgery or anesthesia?

Hello! I had BA surgery (silicone implants) early march of this year - followed by a revision for a hematoma in one breast about a month later. Now at... READ MORE

Last May I Had Saline BA and Since then Have Noticed my Hair Thinning.Is There a Link Bw Breast Implants and Hair Loss?

I had breast augmentation in May 2010, since then I have noticed my hair has been thinning significantly. Is there any link between breast implants... READ MORE

Can breast augmentation surgery cause hair loss?

I had breast augmentation surgery almost 2 years ago and since about 3 months post op my hair has been coming out and thinning at quite a fast rate. I... READ MORE

My hair is falling out after breast augmentation. How can I make it stop?

I am a hair dresser. Hair is my thing. It's falling out fast. It's half as thick as it was before the surgery I am 17 days post op. Is it safe to take... READ MORE

Is it common to have hair loss after surgery? I had breast augmenentation in September & now have significant hair loss (Photo)

I had breast augmentation on 9/25/15 and about 4-5 weeks later began seeing large amounts of hair loss (at least triple or even more than normal). It... READ MORE

Had breast augmentation about 7 weeks ago. Is this normal!?

Had breast augmentation about 7 weeks ago. For the past month I've been having hair loss and my period is almost two weeks late. I'm not pregnant.... READ MORE

Is there any way to have breasts after 25? (photo)

When i was 12 years old my hairs started falling,my breasts never grow and my period did not start normally like im 25 and almost without... READ MORE

Is it normal to have weight gain, hair loss, and weird skin lesions after BAM Sx almost 4 weeks post op? (Photo)

The skin lesions are all on my abdomen and ribs. It's almost like "sun spots" where a bit up the skin just sloughs off-- but then it bleeds a little.... READ MORE

I want to increase breast size and control hair fall. Any suggestions?

Hello dr my age is 23 but my breast size small and i m start consuming protienx from march 15 but its not show any kind improvement and i m also... READ MORE

My hair has been falling out in very large clumps since having my saline implants drained July 30th. Is this normal?

I had capsular contracture and decided to have my 2007 saline implants drained July 30th. Within a couple days my hair started to fall out in clumps.... READ MORE

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