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Will Breast Keep Growing After 23?

Im a small 34b im 23 years old but look 16 will my breast stay this size or like i said i look 16 is it possible that my body is developing at a... READ MORE

Have my breasts stopped growing? I'm 15

I got my period when I was 10 and half years old, and since then my breasts stopped growing, right now I'm 15 and I still have those 10 year old... READ MORE

Age 17. Will my breasts ever get bigger?

I'm 17, started my period at 10 (going on 11), and I was very top heavy because I was a heavy kid. I lost around 50 pounds between 15 and now and I am... READ MORE

Can my Breasts Grow After Augmentation?

One year ago, at 17, I had my breasts augmented from an A to a C cup. When speaking with mum (before the operation) she advised me that her breasts... READ MORE

Breast problem. My left breast is bigger than the other and I think it's stopped growing. What can I do?

Next month I will be 18 years old but my left breast is bigger than other and i think it stops growing. I am really embarrassed and scared about my... READ MORE

I'm 19 years old girl. My problem is my boobs have not developed into fully mature breast. What can I do to get them to grow?

They are still forming.. When will my breast develope fully? What can I do to get them to grow or develope. READ MORE

Open Wound Increasing in Size Following Mastopexy/augment 6wks Post Op? (photo)

Please help. I wrote in several days ago with question in regards to large open wound 6wks post op mastopexy/augment. I told you that my PS was not... READ MORE

I am 16 years old. WIll my breasts continue to grow after I am done breast feeding?

I am wondering if I will need to have BA. I'm breastfeed my baby for 7 months only and my breast started to shrink after breastfeeding ,so I started... READ MORE

can breasts grow after the age of 22?

I'm 32 years old and i have noticed my bras no longer fit me can ones breast still grow after a cert en age ? or is there something wrong for my bras... READ MORE

I'm 13 yrs old. Have my breasts stopped growing?

My breasts are an A cup. I feel like during my period, they get bigger, and then after my period I feel like they shrink. READ MORE

Do saline implants grow mold?

I have read that saline implants are growing mold inside of them is this true? READ MORE

Is it possible for my breasts to still grow, particularly up under my areola? (Photo)

I am 19 years old, and I am self conscious about my breasts. My areolas sit very low, and to me the area up under my areola appears "underdeveloped."... READ MORE

I Had a Lift and Implants Put in to Be a Full D, Im Now a KK. What Can I Do To Reduce The Size?

I had implants and lift 5 years ago, i wanted to be a full d over the past few years I cant buy a normal bra at a store. I went for a bra fitting and... READ MORE

I recently turned 18 & my breasts are a cup size different. Would my breast still be growing or should I consult with a surgeon?

I'm 18 I know that's about the time when breasts stop growing. I started my period around the time I was about 11 and I have only grown height wise a... READ MORE

I'm 100-108 lbs, 32A, and 18 yrs old age. What would be a good size implant for a small frame? (photo)

What would be a good starting point on size for my size. Im petite. 100 to 108lbs. Currently a small 32 a. I am not yet 18 but will be shortly. Im... READ MORE

Are my boobs normal? (photos)

The areola around the boobs are so much bigger then I think they should be. I am only 14 and I started about 3 years ago. Have they finished growing... READ MORE

I am in my early twenties and my breasts still have not grown in. Do you think I have Tuberous Breast Deformity? (photos)

I have always been concerned abput the way my breasts look. i never feel comfortable going bra-less in a t-shirt and have always worn padded bras... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Breasts Growing at This Point? Can They Grow After the Procedure? If They Do, What Are the Consequences?

I am 17 years old and will be having the Transumblical Breast Augmentation procedure done in December (Before I turn 18), with my mother's consent. My... READ MORE

18 and just curious

I'm 18 I know that's about the time when breasts stop growing. I started my period around the time I was about 11 and I have only grown height wise a... READ MORE

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