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5-6 Inch Gap Between Natural Breasts- What Can Be Done? (photo)

I'm 20 years old and have a wide sternum. My current breast size is a 36 D-cup. What I would like to know is what can be done to bring my breasts... READ MORE

Decrease the size of gap between (natural) breasts?

I have been reading through many similar questions but I was sooo curious to know if any such procedures might have a chance of being developed in the... READ MORE

How Do You Make Sure You Don't Get a Huge Gap in a Breast Augmentation & Why Does That Happen? (photo)

How do you make sure you don't wind up with that huge gap between your breasts from a breast augmentation? How and why does that happen anyways? What... READ MORE

How to reduce gap after breast augmentation? (photo)

I am 3 months post op (silicone/high profile/under/475cc A to D). My gap is 2.5 fingers and I have more side boob than cleavage.. even when I wear a... READ MORE

Have my Implants Been Placed too Far Apart? (photo)

Hi i had my ba on the 3rd of september 410 cc anatomical dual plane. Im not happy with my cleavage or lack of it when i mentioned this to my ps he... READ MORE

Is the PS at Fault if my Implants Go to Far Towards/Under Armpits? (photo)

My implants are about 4mths old, When i lay down they move right under my armpit and sit down my ribs low. What can be done and did the PS make the... READ MORE

Will the gap between my breast after breast augmentation reduce after swelling? (photo)

I am currently 3 days post-op & am very worried about the gap in between my breast. They are still very swollen. The gap is raised about 1cm off the... READ MORE

Breast falling to side when i lie down, is this normal? (photo)

I am a month post op, i noticed after a strenuous work out (running and jumping i was wearing a sports bra) that my right boob seems to fall off... READ MORE

Question About Gap and Cleavage?

4 days out 304cc dual plane. I have large gap. I understand I had one before and will have one no matter what but is there any way to help close the... READ MORE

Breasts in Armpits, Large Gap Between? (photo)

6 months post op. High profile saline implants were used, 380cc on left, 450cc on right side. My breasts are now getting in the way if my arms and... READ MORE

I Want to Know if and What Size I Should Go to Acheive a Full C? (photo)

Hi, I am 5'7 and weigh 125lbs. I am fit and I had little to no breast tissue to start off with. We decided on a 375 cc moderate plus silicone implant.... READ MORE

Breasts Far Apart 3 Weeks After Lift with Implants

I had vertical breast lift with augmentation, implants placed under the muscle with 240 cc moderate profile saline implants. it has been 3 weeks since... READ MORE

High Profile Implants 1cm Less Than BWD, Will They Look Unnautral or Create a Gap?

My doctor recommends a Silimed 335cc high profile silicone implant (width: 11.8cm, projection: 4.1cm), submuscular placement, when my BWD is around 12... READ MORE

My breasts have a gap between them when not wearing bra. Nipples are too high and constantly hard. Need bigger implants? (Photo)

8 months post op, nipples hard. They look awesome when wearing bra, but still dont even touch together with pushup bra. When not wearing bra, they are... READ MORE

My Implants Have Dropped and Separated. Is This my Surgeon's Fault?

I had breast enlargement about 6 months ago. I went from an A to C cup with saline implants placed under the muscle. They have seemed to bottom out... READ MORE

I have wide set breasts. Where will implants and nipples sit post op? (photos)

Hi I'm due for BA (only - no lift) in early September & am again researching. I'm a little worried about where my breasts are going to sit & how far... READ MORE

Is There Anything my Doctor Can Do to Close my Gap a Little During my Revision to Silicone? (photo)

Hello, I had my BA 14 yrs ago, 425cc HP saline unders, 34yrs old now, petite, 5'-0”, 96 lbs. I would like to switch to silicone next year. My ps is r... READ MORE

Gap on the Upper Pole Bigger Than in my Natural Breasts? (photo)

I got 175cc textured silicone implants over the muscle about 6m. ago. My chest diameter all around is 281/2". The gap on the upper pole is bigger than... READ MORE

Doctor Recommended 400cc High Profile Textured Gel Implants. Worried it Will Leave Too Big of a Gap Between Breasts? (photo)

I am 5'4 120lbs. Currently a small B and I was a DD while breastfeeding therefore, leaving my breasts very deflated. My breast width is 12cm so my... READ MORE

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