G Cup + Breast Augmentation

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Bad Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I got 500cc/sub-muscular cohesive gel implants making me a 30/G. Before, I was a very Deflated 34/C--or at least that is what I thought I was.... READ MORE

From E Cup to G Cup, boob job. (photo)

I'm currently having a 34E size of breast and it's not obvious which only looks like a D. My boyfriend does not like my nature 34E and he has wish for... READ MORE

Should I have work done to my breasts? (photo)

I'm a 23 yo 5'4 145 lbs 34G breasts. I've always liked having large breasts but since I lost weight they've gotten more saggy. I love the fullness &... READ MORE

How can I regain the fullness and symmetry in my breast without a lift? (Photo)

Hi. I'm a natural 36G. My breasts were PERFECT until I had my daughter and breastfed until she was 3. Now they droop, not too bad though. I feel the... READ MORE

Wanting to Know What Cc Implant It Would Take to Reach an FF or G Size? (photo)

I am 55 and have a saggy C cup I have talked to one PS and they recommended under both muscle implant and 600 cc'ss would that takwe me to a FF or G? READ MORE

Wanted a lift, but scared of the scar. Will an implant correct the sagging and deflation I'm experiencing? (photos)

I'm currently a 32G (although I don't think I'm that big), I'm fine with my size, however, I'm unhappy with the sagging, top deflation and flopping to... READ MORE

Breast augmentation after post-pregnancy weight loss (photo)

I have just had my third child and with each child I have increased my breast size, currently 12 G size. Prior to children was DD cup. I am currently... READ MORE

Will my breasts change, look more natural, drop & round out? Will they get lighter? I can't breath because of the weight (Photo)

Went from deflated A 32 bra to G 32 in sports bra, 650ccs,crease incision, under muscle, silicone "gummy bear". Date of op: August 21st. READ MORE

Should I be looking for a breast reconstruction specialist surgeon rather than a breast augmentation surgeon? (Photo)

I have lost 7st 5lb and my bust has gone from 40m to 32F/G I have been left with no volume to my bust at all. I want natural looking breasts after... READ MORE

I Have One Breast That Is A Size C And One That Is A Size G. I Need Some Information On How To Fix This Problem?

I have one breast that is a size c and one that is a size g. Since I started puberty at age 10 there has always been a cup size different at age 16 it... READ MORE

What Size Implant Would Be Needed to Achieve Pre Weightloss Breast Size and Fullness. Breast Size Before Was a 40G Now DD?

What size implant would be needed to achieve pre weight loss breast size and fullness. Breast size before was a 40G now they are 38DD. I am not... READ MORE

I have fairly large breast but would like more fullness. Can I achieve that with an implant? (photos)

I am currently a 36G. My breast are fairly firm but I have never had fullness on the upper part of my breast. I am tall 5'11" so 36 G is not that huge... READ MORE

Is my breast size increase normal?

I am 5'6 about 135lbs and had breast augmentation 9 weeks ago. I got 400cc silicon with Sub glandular placement. Previous size was saggy 32b/34a. I... READ MORE

1 yr post op tear drop 335 implants over muscle. My left implant rotates and my right has rotated inward & stuck.Any suggestion?

They are slightly too big. I am 5ft7 and weigh 9.6 small frame. Previously a bra size 30d now 30g. The surgeon will operate again. He suggests round... READ MORE

Breast liposuction, then implants. Thoughts? (Photo)

Having surgery soon. Need opinions. Currently wear size 32G bra. I'm not excited about getting a lift. I dread the vertical scar. Board Certified... READ MORE

Wanted a Breast Augmentation: Dr Said He Would Only do a Lift/Reduction - Can She Have Implants?

We both understand that the lift is a must but if she goes through with the lift, would she be able then to go with the extra large implant at a later... READ MORE

Will I lose a size converting benelli lift to lollipop?

Benelli lift looks terrible 7 months postop. Unsure where to go from here. Had my surgeon told me I would only achieve a 1-2 cm lift for the trade off... READ MORE

I have lost weight now I have excess breast skin. What is the best method to get them filled?

I am currently still a rater large chest woman, naturally a G cup as of right now on my left and an F cup on my right breast. I was a H cup before I... READ MORE

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