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Which Breast Surgery Will Give Me Perkier, Fuller Breasts?

Before I had my first child, my breasts were a small B-cup. I got pregnant, then all of a sudden my boobs jumped to double D's. I was extremely... READ MORE

Full C or Small D - What Implants Should I Get?

I would like to get BA, but dont know what size I should go? I am a Small B now and would like a Full C or Small D. I am 5'2 and 135 pounds. I... READ MORE

Will Implants Be Enough to Lift and Fill out my Breasts?

I would like a simple breast lift but I am African-American and horribly afraid of the scar. Will implants be enough to lift my breasts and fill them... READ MORE

Are 300ml Saline Implants Appropriate Size?

Hello, thank you for taking my question! I recently had B.A., 300ml mod profile saline left, 315ml on the right. My BWD was 11. It seems like my... READ MORE

Saline or Silicone for Someone with Adequate Breast Tissue?

Getting BA done next month.My doctor usually recommends silicone because most of his patients have an A cup.After my exam, he said I could go with... READ MORE

5 days post op Breast Augmentation, one breast seems fuller, is it just swelling? (photos)

I noticed one is fuller then the other, is it just swelling? I am wondering if the less full one will get larger also... I got 450 cc ultra high... READ MORE

What Kind of Surgery or Implants Would I Need?

I am a 34DD, but I want a more fuller look on top than I have now. I want them to look like Jenni Farley's from Jersey Shore. Hers are the same... READ MORE

What Kinda of Surgery Would I Need?

I am A 34DD right now and would like them to be more fuller on top. I am not sure what kind of surgery I would need though. i would like them like the... READ MORE

I Want Fuller Breasts, But Not Too Large. Will 250 Cc Do the Job?

Hi, im 32, have 1 child. my rib cage is 29inc. 12cm across breast i think? im 5.5. im a small b, weigh 52kg. im a pilates instructor, and pretty slim,... READ MORE

I have ptosis breast with large areola. What would you recommend to achieve rounder/fuller shape? (photos)

Hello, As you can see I have quite abnormal breast tissue. Can I achieve a fuller/ rounder breast without a lollipop scar? I would also like to reduce... READ MORE

Hi There :) Not Sure on Size and Profile?

I had a baby 3yrs ago and would love to have nice full breast again.. im 5'2 47kg.. i am currently a small c and would love to be a full c/small d... READ MORE

Will 225 CC silicone implants be too small for me to achieve a noticeably more youthful, fuller, perkier set? (Photo)

I have been advised to get 225 CC silicone implants to achieve a fuller more youthful look. Im starting to think that I need to go up at least 250 CC.... READ MORE

Boob shape - one goes straight up the over looks square (photo)

Could you please explain why my boobs look different shape the one goes straight up the over looks square by the scar surely they don't look right i... READ MORE

My left breast looks round and full on bottom. Should I massage the smaller breast so it can drop and look fuller?

I was born with uneven breasts. Left was a 36D and the right was 36b. I had breast aug , a lift on left (your right) with 400 cc and 480cc on the... READ MORE

How Many Cc's to Look FULLER? (Photo)

I am 2 months post op with 280cc mentor anatomical implants. Although I am happy with my bra size (32C/Baby D) I wish they looked fuller on my chest... READ MORE

Worried about shape of breast looking square off in center of chest. Will they get rounder in center & bottom as it drop?(photo)

In these pictures i've used arrows to show areas of concern where it appears to be squared off. I also included one that shows a weird indent under my... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lift With BA For Fullness? (photo)

I'm 23, 5'5 and 145lbs. Would like more fullness at the bottom of my breasts and, well, larger breasts. Do I need a lift as well as a ba? Or... READ MORE

Drifting Breast 9 Months Post Op?

After having a BA 9 months ago I noticed my breast isn't as full. Also, when I lay flat, my breast drifts under my arms and when I stand I have too... READ MORE

Strange question: Using Brava Bra on tuberous breasts at home, need expert opinion? (photos)

I'm scared using brava bra on my tuberous breasts will only pull my breasts out more and make them longer instead of fuller (which is what I need). Do... READ MORE

How Can You Achieve an Elongated Oval Shape with BA Rather Than Perky Round High Projecting Breasts?

I'm 5'2, 90ibs, 32A but my back is actually 30" (not 32), my waist is 22"! im looking to get very full long shaped breasts with silicone BA, how can i... READ MORE

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