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Why Do "After" Photos of Breast Augmentation Always Have Tan Lines?

It seems like so many of the "after" photos of women with implants have the same pattern... a formerly pale lady now has really noticeable bikini tan... READ MORE

What do you think about the shape of my breasts? (photos)

Went to see my nurse today for my 4 week check up said wasn't happy how boobs look said they wasn't same shape nd could feel more implant in the one... READ MORE

Can Vectra 3D Imaging Show Roundness on Front View? (photo)

Did not like vectra 3d image of the frontal view-is this accurate in your opinion? Seemed just like a bigger version of my boobs now-looked very... READ MORE

Do I need a lift with a breast augmentation? (Photos)

I'm 22 and I lost 60 pounds 2 years ago and ever since my breast have been deflated and shrunk. As of now I believe I am a 34A-34B depending on the... READ MORE

Worried why I look flat front on after my BA 4 days ago (photos)

I started off with tuberous breast, 14aa and went for a 400cc silicon implant, I got a breast lift and augmentation done. I was happy 1st day post op... READ MORE

My breasts look so deflated when I bend over. Which procedures would you recommend for a more flattering aesthetic? (Photos)

When I'm standing up my breasts look ok. But when I bend over it's obvious there is no volume and they just hang like they're deflated. I'm wondering... READ MORE

Do I need a lift or not? I have 2 answers and BA in 3 days. (Photo)

I have my BA in 3 days. I'm getting 550-600cc hp saline implants under the muscle. My question is will that give me the illusion of a lift? I'm... READ MORE

My left breast has a capsular contraction, what is the recovery for a submuscular breast revision surgery? (Photo)

My left breast has a capsular contraction, pushing it towards the middle and rotating the breast outward. What can I expect my recovery to be like as... READ MORE

34B to a natural looking, full 34C or 34D - nipple above IMF but worried about front view? (Photo)

One of the surgeons I'm interested in going with has suggested that I go with either tear drop or round implants placed sub glandular or dual plane in... READ MORE

Will my breasts look fuller? Project more? (Photos)

I had s breast augmentation yesterday, the dr used 305CC full profile and said couldn't go bigger as my chest is really tight.. I'm very disappointed... READ MORE

Do I need a lift and would overs or undes be more natural? (Photo)

Hi there Just wondering if I can get away with no lift ? Also wondering if overs or unders would give a more natural look ? READ MORE

I do not have "side boob" yet & top of chest isn't softening as much as when I squeeze lower/middle boobs. Suggestion? (photo)

I would like to know if I will get side boob. I am 4 weeks post op and I have noticed my left breast side view is flat and saggy looking. My right... READ MORE

Active stay at home mom of 2 little ones. Also a hairdresser. (Photo)

Hi, I'm An active stay at home mom of 2 and I've found it easy to get back to life. Should it be this simple? I'm not lifting the kids but I'm still... READ MORE

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