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Shirt Tore off Steristrip 1 Week Post Op, Should I See My Doctor?

I am 1 week out from a breast augmentation (275 silicone unders. 105lbs, preop 34AA) and my shirt tore off one of my steri strips. The incision seems... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Follow Up Surgeries After Breast Implants?

I'm not happy with the size of my breasts, but terrified of surgeries. My concern is that I will have to have follow up surgeries every 5-10 years...... READ MORE

I Am About to Get Silicone Breast Implants and I Am Wondering if Patients Actually Comply with the Followup MRIs?

I ask this not only b/c of the cost, but the high odds of getting a false positive. Would it be dangerous to just wait until a symptom arose?, rather... READ MORE

I Am 1 Yr Post BA. Implants Are Thinning, Scarre

1 yr. post op BA-375cc/400cc mod+. Several months post op. noticed left breast was 'cut off' in lower inside corner.PS said it was a fold in implant.... READ MORE

Pulled muscle one year post op - help?

This is a follow up on my first question. I have silicone 300cc eurosilicone implants and have had no problems up until now. READ MORE

1 Month Post-Op and I'm Having Pain in Left Breast, Doctor Said I Didn't Need to See Him Again, What Should I Do?

I got my breast done Jan 17, and am still having bad pain in left breast.It feels almost like it is knocking around in there. The right side is... READ MORE

No PS to follow BA recovery, who to ask?

Thank you very much, doctors here have been very helpful. Everybody keeps referring me to my PS, but first he is in another country, second his mails... READ MORE

How often are the post op appointments for a breast augmentation?

As an out of town patient from Canada how often are the post op appointments for a breast augmentation? BA in Florida from Canada. READ MORE

How many check ups post breast augmentation?

I live in Illinois and have my eye on a surgeon in Miami to preform breast augmentation and nipple reduction but am on the fence because it is 20+... READ MORE

Hello Doctors! - Breast Augmentation

I come from Europe and there is no problem for me to come to U.S. I just want the best Doctor for BA. When I do find a doctor - I also find on forums... READ MORE

Planning on having my breast augmentation with my plastic surgeon of choice while visiting. Is this a good idea?

I am planning on receiving breast augmentation while visiting California from New York (about 3 weeks - 1 month). I was wondering if it would be wise... READ MORE

8 week post BA. Capsule Contracture level 2? (Photos)

I went to follow up at my surgeon today and he touched and check my breasts and told me left side have CC around level 2. but from researching, many... READ MORE

Am I bottoming out and will my breasts eventually even out? (photos)

I had my BA approx 3 months ago and I have been concerned with my left breast being lower than my right since about 3 weeks post op. Ps said breast... READ MORE

I need an in person exam in Boston. Is flying to LA my only option?

I received breast augmentation in June. I am almost 5 months. I haven't had a follow up in person only through email. My doctor is in LA I live in... READ MORE

Breast augmentation done in Thailand, but now home in Toronto. Looking for a PS for follow up care. Help??

I got my BA done about 12 days ago now, January 27th. But I am calling every PS office trying to get some follow up care but alot of offices are... READ MORE

This is a follow up from my first question! Will breasts appear larger after they settle in place?

Last posting I expressed how upset I was after husband telling me on postoperative day that breasts were too small!! I personally never thought they... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question with goal photos. . Would dual plane be an option? (photos)

I have researched other cases and tried to find before photos that closely resemble me with my desired outcome as the "after". I know ultimately a... READ MORE

This is a follow up to my previous question about my wound with further information and new pictures. Any suggestion? (photo)

My implants are 470cc and placed subglandular. im a non smoker and do not drink. i do not know why this is happening to me. a few surgeons have... READ MORE

Need your advice about a breast augmentation. Nearby or out of town?

I'm thinking about getting a breast augmentation and was wondering is it better to get it done near by or should I go out of town? I know there is... READ MORE

This a follow up question to my original question and I am answering the doctors inquiry.

Yes the breast that is bigger which is on my right had 200CC's . I had a lift and implant put in it and the one on my left had 500cc's. They were... READ MORE

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