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Can Breast Augmentation Cause the Nipples to Flatten?

I had 325 cc implants 3 weeks ago and my nipples, particularly on one side, are much flatter than they were pre-surgery. Is this permanent or will... READ MORE

1 week post op, is my incision normal? (photos)

I went in to my one week post op appointment yesterday and after my ps removed the tape from my incision I noticed that it looks like my skin is... READ MORE

I Have Flattening on the Bottom of my Rt Breast. I Am 7.5 Wks PO. Is This Normal?

Rt under my rt breast it is VERY flat.. the left is starting to do it, but not nearly as pronounced.. Is it normal?? Will it go away? And if not, what... READ MORE

My breasts are too soft. Any suggestions?

I'm a 22 year old woman and my breasts are too soft. I am about 100lbs and a 30C. I've always wanted smaller breasts, but the size of my breasts is... READ MORE

Will This Flattened Edge Go Away Post Saline Breast Aug?

I am 3 wks post op saline breast aug. unders. From the beginning I have had a flattened inner edge on my lower left breast. My surgeon does not seemed... READ MORE

The gel implants flatten when lying down on the front. Is this normal?

My daughter has gel implants if she lies on her front they flatten and stay like that for a while. Also they hurt. It is only one breast that does it.... READ MORE

How to fix benelli that flattened and widened my nipples?

8 months ago I had implants with benelli. 360 hp saline. A few months ago my left nipple expanded and flattened , it's huge! Also I feel my breath... READ MORE

3 weeks post op BA - incision scar questions. Will it flatten? (Photo)

I'm 3 weeks post op, is my incision scar healing well? Will it flatten? And should I use a sicilicone sheet to help the improvement of my scar? I... READ MORE

I would really like a breast augmentation. Would I need a lift?

I am 19 years old, I had a baby at 17 but I am now happily married. I got pregnant with an eating disorder, so I pretty much had no breasts, and now... READ MORE

Will my High Profile 400cc breasts ever look natural while lying down flat? (photos)

Hi, its about 2 week post op. i got round smooth HP 400cc. i wonder will my breasts flatten more while lying down? Since i got High Profile i think... READ MORE

My implant will not stay lifted and has flatten out like most of the gel is at the bottom of the implant?

My surgeon has said that I may need a tissue expander under the muscle and then put a new implant in and that it still may flatten on the front. I am... READ MORE

Why has my implant flattened/become abnormal in shape? (photos)

It has been 14 months since I had my breast augmentation. I received 375cc cohesive gel sub muscular implants. I have found my keft breast has... READ MORE

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