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When to Start Basic Cardio Exercises After Breast Augmentation?

I'mplanning on having a breast augmentation soon, but I work out 6 days a week and will go crazy if I can't do any cardio exercises for longer... READ MORE

Under Muscle Breast Augmentation for Tight Pectorals?

I'd like to enhance my breasts and am looking at the options.  I am a fitness competitor and trainer and I worry about the effects of under the... READ MORE

6 Weeks Enough Time to Heal After Breast Augmentation?

I will be getting a breast augmentation April 24th. I have a fitness competition on Aug 14th. I need to be able to do cardio, weight-training, and... READ MORE

I'm 5'8", Weigh 115 Pounds, Am a 32C. but They Are Saggy.

How can i get them back to a full C cup, not a saggy C. I already workout 5 days a week and have a low body fat percentage but lift weights so i have... READ MORE

How long after BA surgery can I resume teaching dance lessons

I'm a dancer and dance teacher, making most of my income from teaching hip hop.ndance and fitness. I know I'll have to probably wait some time before... READ MORE

Best Method of Augmentation for Athletic Fitness Enthusiasts and Profile?

I'm 42, very lean, hardly any breast tissue of body fat...apparently have loose lower pole and I'm also a personal trainer, group fitness and boxing... READ MORE

Fit Strong Girls: Implants Under or over Muscle?

I am very fit and active and have very little fat on my upper body, and pretty strong chest and shoulder muscles. I am looking to have implants quite... READ MORE

I have been thinking for a long time now about getting breast augmentation but I'm very involved in fitness and yoga.

My main concern is first the pain. I'm in recovery and cannot take pain medication especially opioid pain medication. Is there a solution to that or... READ MORE

Could I achieve a good result with teardrop implants dual plane or should I get a lift with round implants under muscle? (Photo)

I am very fit and active, I have breastfed 5 children and have lost all my volume and now have mild ptosis, I used to be a D before kids. I like the... READ MORE

Doctor in the DFW (Texas) area that has done breast augmentation on women in the fitness industry? (Photo)

Looking for a doctor who understands the importance of procedure and placement for a breast aug for an athletic female! READ MORE

Are there are surgeons in the Los Angeles area that understand fitness and strength training?

I am considering a small breast augmentation A to B cup but Worried about taking 4-6 weeks off of strength training. I'm a strength and conditioning... READ MORE

How long should I wait to excersice after a breast augmentation?

I am very much into fitness. I lift heavy weights 5 times a week and also run 6 times a week. I am gettin. A BA and I would ideally like to do some... READ MORE

Will lifting heavy weights make implants look unnatural and hard?

Hi, 5ft 1 small A,3 weeks sil. full B. extremely active, fitness instructor, LIfting heavy weights, weighted push ups, tuck jumps, pull ups, ect.... READ MORE

Breast feeding/pregnancy and exercising after BA.

I am 28 years old, 5' 5", 135 pounds athletic build. I am currently at 34B and would like to be a full D. I do not have children, but would possibly... READ MORE

Will my implants ever feel real? 1 year post-op.

Im 1 yr post op. Went from 32A to 32C, silicone submuscular. Im very into fitness, do aerobics every day, and now try to refrain from all pushing... READ MORE

Ok to restart fat burner?

I'm 3 & 1/2 weeks post BA and would like to get back into my fitness routine. I know it's not recommended to work out til about 5-6 weeks but I would... READ MORE

I am 9 weeks out and implants still very high. Is there hope? (photos)

I specifically went to my doctor thinking I needed a lift. It was important to me that my nipples be higher and more fullness at the base. He insisted... READ MORE

Is it possible that one of my pectoralis muscles has been detached during surgery?

Hi, I am a fitness girl. I had years ago additive mastoplasty under pectoral muscle. I practise body building and during my workout I feel a loss of... READ MORE

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