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Final Results After Breast Augmentation. Do They Fill Out More Post Breast Aug?

I would like to know if the breasts fill out more post-breast augmentation. Immediately after I know the breasts are very firm and swollen. As the... READ MORE

Breasts Lost Volume After Pregnancy. Would Like Natural Looking Breasts? (photo)

Since having my son my breasts have lost volume especially at the top. I am 5ft 5inches, approx 115lbs and currently wearing a 34c bra which is quite... READ MORE

Indentation After Breast Augmentation

I had breast implants in June of 2008. It seems that I have an indentation under each breast. And it looks like my original smaller breast is just... READ MORE

Will my breasts continue to grow and fill out (I am 16)?

I have been tracking my breast size, and they have not grown since I was 12. I hit puberty early, so will that have an effect on their growth? It's... READ MORE

Will my Breasts Fill Out?

I had breast augmentation on the 18th, 600cc's on right breast and 650cc's on the left. i had asymmetry and they were constricted. they were... READ MORE

Is a successful breast augmentation possible without a lift? (Photo)

In 1 wk I will be undergoing a breast augmentation preformed by a wonderful, board certified PS. For best results he recommends a lift as well. I'm... READ MORE

Will I need a lift or will augmentation be enough to fill out the upper portion of my breasts? (photos)

I lost a significant amount of weight quickly (side effect of Xyrem) almost 2 yrs ago which left my breasts looking rather deflated, uneven & as a... READ MORE

BA: Will There Be an Improvement or Will I Need Further Correction? (photo)

Had my breast augumentation 5 days ago and immediately dissapointed by the results. The nipples are extremely low almost underneath the breast. It... READ MORE

Will breast implants fill out the bottom/sides of breasts when they drop?

Hi! I am 5'5" - 120lbs - old bra size was a 32A -> got 400CC UHP under the muscle 11 days ago. My implants are still high & I know they will drop, but... READ MORE

Did I go way too small? (6 weeks post op, trying to be patient). (photo)

I'm 5'9, 140lbs & was a 34(barely)A, I wanted BA to look more feminine but did not want to look too big and bc I'm a very active person. I... READ MORE

I feel that the doctor gave me the wrong size? 220cc pre-op appt to 315 post surgical?

During the preop appointment, we discussed a tear drop 200cc implant for me. I'm 55 years old, 5'8 and 117 lbs. I just wanted to look natural and fill... READ MORE

I am just 24 hrs post op. I noticed on the bottom of my breast it is droopy and saggy. (photo)

Hi , I know it's very soon , I am just wondering if the bottom will fill out once things start settling down . READ MORE

Left breast still pointing out and not dropping or filling out (Photo)

Please can you advise if you have seen this before and if its common. I have creases on the inside and outside of my left breast and it still hasn't... READ MORE

2 weeks post-op and developed a dent under one breast, near the scar line. (photos)

Ive just passed 2 weeks post op with 425cc motiva ergonomix implants under the muscle, below the breast incision. After removing my dressing tape over... READ MORE

If PMT increases my breasts size, would i also notice an implant of 25cc increase in round moderate profile? (photos)

I have a breast augmentation of 225 and 250cc, left and right. I went from a 32D to 32DD/E. I am only happy with the size when i have PMT and breasts... READ MORE

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