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Will my implants fill out/drop more into my lower pole? (photos)

My boobs still seem like they are sitting more full in the upper pole rather than the lower pole.Particularly right hand side my nipple is facing down... READ MORE

How Much Can a 325cc High Profile Silicone Implant Be Filled?

I just had my consultation today and by the measurements taken from the surgeon he said that a 250cc mod plus would fit of a high profile 325cc would... READ MORE

Trying to decide between high profile or moderate plus? (Photo)

I'm 5'4 125lbs and a current empty B cup from breastfeeding 2 kids! I really want lift/ filled back out at the top. I am choosing 400cc. Input would... READ MORE

Will my areola fill out after augmentation? (photos)

I am 24 and a mother to 2. (breastfed for a year) and I am aiming for a full D. Is it possible for my nipples to "fill out" but not be pointy? READ MORE

I have lost weight now I have excess breast skin. What is the best method to get them filled?

I am currently still a rater large chest woman, naturally a G cup as of right now on my left and an F cup on my right breast. I was a H cup before I... READ MORE

Supposed to Get Mastopexy But Received Dermal Graft Instead by Original Surgeon's Partner. What to Do?

I had implants done 15 months ago. The one was very saggy. And the other had cc. At the last minute the surgeon (not the one who had done original... READ MORE

Will my breast fill out underneath? Will they measure bigger if they fluff? When can I tan? Using melanotan 2, is it ok? (photo)

I'm measuring a 38D. Normal band wondering when my breasts will fill out more underneath or will they at all. My PS chose over the muscle to... READ MORE

I have allergan 133 ms 700 cc tissue expander. Do they have to fill to 700 cc ?

I was wondering do they have to fill to 700 cc did not think I wanted to be that big... Looking to be a small c cup.. Before mastectomy I was a 44 dd ... READ MORE

68 MP saline filled 390. Any suggestions?

Hello I am 5 feet 7 inches before BA I was 36b..and I asked my doctor that I wanted a 500cc saline. I didn't realize after surgery that he inserted... READ MORE

What would your comfortable limit be for adding saline to 500cc mod+ smooth round implants? Up to 900cc's?

This question is for doctors comfortable in filling saline implants above the manufacturers recommended max.... Here's my specific situation but... READ MORE

Is it common rule of thumb for dr to fill pass the chosen cc (BA)? if i chose 375cc during consult what will it be filled to?

Ive been on many consults and all dr have told me they will fill more than the chosen cc. after awhile i stopped paying attention to this detail. i... READ MORE

Incision Opened Exposing Tissue Expander. Any suggestions?

On January 6, 2016 I had a tissue expander put in both of my breasts and started the fills after four weeks out of surgery. March 15, 2016 the left... READ MORE

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