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Breast Augmentation Even with Fibrocystic Breasts?

I would really like to get a breast augmentation but I would also like to have children in the next 3 to 4 years. I have no children at present. Also,... READ MORE

58 Years Old and Healthy. Too Old for Implants?

I am in excellent health and exercise daily. I'm 5'8", 126 pounds. Look better now than I ever have. No tummy. Curvy from waist thru hips... READ MORE

I have severe pain from fibrocystic breast. The pain is unbelievable. Would implants help ease it?

I was diagnosed at the 20 with what I was told to be a genetic condition. The pain is all month. When I see my doctor, all he tells me is that its the... READ MORE

Can I reshape my tubular (?) breasts with no visible scars? (photos)

Hi, Im 30, healthy, normal weight, no children. Always had these (tubular?) breasts (see pics) and am considering surgery now. They can sag more with... READ MORE

Will I able to have a successful Breast Augmentation on 32AA moderate/sever fibrocystic breasts?

I am 27, 5'1" and at around 116 lbs. I was a full 36C until I BF my daughter, and since then I have been losing breast tissue. Now I am at a 32AA and... READ MORE

I just found two ping-pong ball sized lumps in both my breasts. Are these cysts or capsular contraction?

I am 8 months post breast augmentation surgery and I just found two ping-pong ball sized lumps in both my breasts on the top that are painful when... READ MORE

I have fibrocystci breast tissue with 2 cysts on my left breast and get checked is it ok to get implants?

I have had ultrasound annually and a papsmear done but has been 3 years due to pregnant and breastfeeding. I plan to get checked again soon but am... READ MORE

Swollen breasts days before surgery; worried it will affect outcome?

I am scheduled for breast augmentation in 3 days. My breasts have always had a lot of fibrocystic tissue, and they currently have a lot of... READ MORE

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