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Is It Normal to Feel Vibrating, Gurgling, or Bubbling from my Breast After a Submuscular Breast Augmentation?

It almost feels as if the implant is moving down to settle in the pocket, is this normal and if so, how long should I expect this? READ MORE

I Think I Can Feel my Breast Implant at the Bottom of my Boob Just Below my Incision?

I think I can feel my breast implant at the bottom of my boob just below my incision.. It has almost a crinkle feeling, just very lightly. I'm 14 days... READ MORE

Palpable Implants in a Thin Woman - Problem or Normal?

12 days post BA - 250cc silicone unders.Today I can feel implants under the bottom of both breasts; the right I can see protruding along the suture... READ MORE

Do Silicone Really Feel More Natural for a Person Who is Touching Them?

I have saline now. one ruptured, and i am having them replaced. my doc wants me to go with silicone. Is there really a big difference in look and... READ MORE

How Do Implants Feel Natural Feel Under The Muscle?

I have my BA scheduled for May 24th and am really excited. I am completely confident and trusting of my PS. But also getting more anxious because it's... READ MORE

What's the Most Minimal Breast Enhancement Surgery I Can Do to Enhance Size and Maintain Natural Shape? (photo)

The left breast is smaller than the right and it's less of a tear drop shape which I'd prefer on both. I wouldn't mind increasing the size of both... READ MORE

Pain in left breast and can feel implant when I bend over?

I had a ba three weeks ago and am still having pain in the left breast. I can feel the implant when I bend over and it almost feels like I pulled a... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post op and i would like to know if they will ever feel natural? (photo)

I had my surgery on august and im 3 months op from 34A or even AA to full 34 B( at least right now) and ive been massaging them and doing everything i... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 3 Weeks Ago, I Can Feel the Edges of the Implant?

I had breast augmentation a little over 3 weeks ago. One of my breasts came down to where it is supposed to be (i think), the other one is on its way.... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned About my Left Breast? (photo)

It Has This Weird Shape to It and Every Now and then I Get a Weird Feeling to It. My left breast has this weird shape to it and every now and then I... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Op and They Still Don't Feel Natural?

I'm 7 weeks postop silicone 375 unders. They still don't feel like mine, are softer but still unnatural & haven't dropped! I feel like the bottom... READ MORE

Will my breasts ever feel natural? (photos)

Prior to implants I had 0 breast tissue. My braw size was maybe an A cup and that's pushing it! I had 350 CC's on my right breast and 325 on my left.... READ MORE

I Had Ba 14 Months Ago and Can Still Feel my Implants when in Certain Positions. is That Normal?

I had a breast lift and enlargement 14 months ago and i can still feel my implants when i am in certain positions. Is that normal? READ MORE

Post Butt Augmentation 6 Days - my Implants Feel Funny. Is This Normal?

I am 7 days post op of Butt Augmentation with implants. My implants are under the muscle and I am wearing my compression garment at least 20 hours out... READ MORE

Feeling saline implant through nipple 5 weeks post op; Is this normal?

600cc saline implants under the muscle 5 weeks post op! When slightly pushing on my left nipple I can clearly feel the bag almost like I'm pushing and... READ MORE

I'm having sloshing feeling and possibly "bottoming out"?

I had a BA about 3 months ago. I was originally very happy with my results but now I feel as though my left breast is too much bigger than my right. I... READ MORE

My right implant feels loose/detached, I can feel the edges if I move it around and it often hurts just by normal activity.

I have had my breast implants for a year now and have had this problem for a little over a month. I am right handed. And have a 14 month old daughter... READ MORE

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