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Am I a candidate for tuberous breasts areola reduction? (photos)

I am uncomfortable about my areola after correction of my tuberous breasts two years ago. My doctor did a subareolar lift. I lost sensation of my... READ MORE

What are the risks of fat grafting & muffin top lipo for double bubble and to smooth out bony chest? (photos)

1yrPO with sub muscular silicone 335cc. I had tuberous breasts so my doc lowered the fold now I have a double bubble. He said the only way to fix... READ MORE

Can I have a tuberous breast correction without implants? (photos)

I have tuberous breasts and would require reshaping, and also areola reduction and something to stop the areola from bulging like a 'Snoopy nose', and... READ MORE

Is Loss of Nipple sensitivity in fat grafting possible?

I have read that loss of sensitivity is possible with implants. And I realize that breast augmentation through fat grafting can achieve a limited... READ MORE

Areolar reduction with fat graft augmentation? (Photo)

I am currently deflated B cup. I am happy with the created cleavage wearing a bra, but I hate my aereola! When my nipples erect they shrink to pencil... READ MORE

Do my breasts look tuberous or just small? (Photo)

I always thought they would develop one day but now I'm in my early 20's with little hope. I have been finding out a lot about tuberous breasts and... READ MORE

What Breast Augmentation Work Best for my Frame?

I am looking to get a mommy makeover by year end but is confused on what procedure works best for. After childbirth my already small breast started to... READ MORE

What has caused the dent in my left breast? How would you treat it? (Photo)

It has been 2 months since a sudden ( within 5 minutes) change in my implant where it seems a dent has formed on the cleavage side of my left breast.... READ MORE

What Are The Risks Of Fat Grafting or Silicone Implants?

I am schedule to have my BA on march 29th and I'm starting to have doubts and scared especially from everything I have read that could go wrong. I... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a permanent sutures in areola years after benelli lift and implant removal?

In 2008 I had implants and a benelli lift to correct tuberous breasts. I had a bad result and 2 years ago I removed the implants. I will be getting... READ MORE

Can You Get a Fat Transfer and an Implant Put in at the Same Time?

I was wondering if you could get a small implant under the muscle put in while you also have a fat graphing done. READ MORE

Is it normal for 8 weeks post PPP breasts to appear so low and hang over the fold so much? (photos)

I'm 8 weeks post Opp with 475cc moderate plus silicone implants and had another lift done at the same time. First lift with fat grafting provided... READ MORE

Is it possible to use both implants and fat transfer together to increase breast size?

Has anyone performed a natural breast augmentation using the subjects body fat in conjunction with breast implants? Is it possible to use both methods... READ MORE

Are gummy bear breast implants safer than other implants? Is fat grafting a safer alternative?

I scheduled a breast aug next week and lipo of calves.( I am 5.7 , 140pounds)and I am having doubts now after reading some horror stories online. When... READ MORE

How much is fat grafting? (Photo)

I have 475cc under high profile saline. 5 months post op. Left breast is shaped weird. It has an indent where the cleavage is. Right side is shaped... READ MORE

Which is a better option in my case fat transfer or implants, since fat is unpredictable?

I'm getting down to my goal weight BEFORE surgery, with the B.E. I want symmetrical breasts, the smaller one is the more preferred one in terms of... READ MORE

Would a breast lift help me regain upper fullness? I'm 43 (Photo)

Im 43 yrs female, no children but last 5 years I have lost the upper fullness of my breast. I have been advised that Im border line or I need a breast... READ MORE

4 months post augmentation. 265 cc silicone sub muscular, does this look normal? (photos)

4 months post augmentation. 265 cc silicone sub muscular. The left breast has no fold/crease, no articulated cleavage (feels flat to touch) and a... READ MORE

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