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Does Re-opening Incision Make Scar Worse?

I am 23 years old and I am looking to explant ASAP. My BA was a little over 2 weeks ago, and I've gotten the lecture on the whole "wait it out, you'll... READ MORE

Areolas Are Now Different Sizes

I had an explant & mastopexy 2 mons ago. Im happy with it except for the vastly different areola size. I know this is "normal" in other... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Do Lift and Explant at the Same Time?

I am having implants removed that have been there for 2 years. I had a lift one year prior (3 yrs ago). I am concerned that I may need another lift.... READ MORE

Can I have an explant with breast lift and possible fat transfer?

What is the recommendation for time to have fat transfer to breasts after explant and breast lift/ READ MORE

Has anyone used Zafirlukast (brand name: Accolate) taken twice a day for 90 to cure Capsular contracture of the breasts?

Has anyone used Zafirlukast (brand name: Accolate) taken twice a day for 90 to cure Capsular contracture of the breasts? If you have hasd success I... READ MORE

Are BRAVA results permanent?

I had my 270cc saline removed 8wks ago, after 15 yrs. I'm now an AA. I'm not interested in implants. I'm slender, so fat transfer may be problematic.... READ MORE

What now? I do not picture me having any normal results. It looks like he completely cut my areola off on both breasts. (photo)

I have already posted a question asking how do my pics look. He are my one week post op photos . I had a lollipop lift and 525cc saline implants. This... READ MORE

Areola or crease incision for explant?

I've had my 450 cc silicone implants for 3 yrs and have decided to remove them. I went in for a consultation and the PS suggested a crease incision to... READ MORE

Will my scar be visible after infra-mammary crease incision for implant removal due to small breasts? (Photo)

32A before BA. I am 32C with implants, 31 years old, have had the implants 12 years, have had (and breastfed) three kids (weight is same). No... READ MORE

Is it necessary to remove capsule when doing explant? What are the pros and cons of leaving it?

I've been reading a lot of ladies stories and looking at their photos on explant. Some ladies look good/better than expected but some poor ladies look... READ MORE

Explant After 2 Weeks?

I'm a little over 1 week post op, and I'm feeling I have made the worst mistake of my life. I am 23 years old, and was a small B before I chose to get... READ MORE

Would I get a good result from explantation? (Photo)

I think I have CC in my right breast. Just thinking ahead about if it comes to a surgery is rather just remove than get new ones. I have 300cc sub... READ MORE

I have fungal skin infection all around implant incisions. Any suggestions?

Shortly after breast augmentation I developed a fungal skin infection all around the implant incisions. I went to a dermatologist and was treated with... READ MORE

Explantation, Capsule Removal & Augmentation - Best Option?

20 year old Meme implants are leaking into capsule. Breast tissue is thin and there is minor blood flow compromise + Excessive scarring. 2nd surgeon... READ MORE

Right breast swelling - more questions (Photo)

I still have a swelling/seroma build up in my right breast. I had the seroma removed via aspiration once, sent to laboratory and came back as no... READ MORE

Are textured gummy bear anatomical implants harder to remove?

I am seriously leaning towards getting textured gummy bear anatomical implants, as I am tall and relatively thin with not a lot of breast tissue. I... READ MORE

5 months post op Breast Augmentation, will my breasts sag after explant?

I had submuscular silicone gel implants (365cc) placed 5 months ago. I was a flat chested 32A/B and now I wear a 32E. The implants are still quite... READ MORE

How long can I have explant or downsize without causing more damage? (photos)

I put 295cc high profile Allergan, textured, over the muscle has three months (diameter: 11.25 projection: 4.6). 29yo, no kids. I repented. At first I... READ MORE

I'm 5ft 6, 115 lbs, with 650 hp implants. Would downsizing or explantation be best?

I had 400 hp implants for a while,i regret this decision is 500 cc more, i can hide them but not be bra less or use sexy clothes without look fake i... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to have my implants replaced after they have been removed due to an infection?

I recently had my breasts done for the 2nd time two months ago. Shortly after my BA I had a severe infection in my left breast. I was put on... READ MORE

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