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What Does "Drop and Fluff" Refer to in a Breast Augmentation? Will They Get Larger?

I Went with 325cc and Wish I Had Went with 350cc. Did I make a mistake? When can I go back for bigger ones? READ MORE

My Breast Augmentation Scars Are 1 Inch and 1/4 Inch Away from the Crease. Is This Normal?

Hi, I had a breast aug done back in March of this year. I am not satisfied with the placement of my scars and their appearance. The left scar is 1/2... READ MORE

Will Breast Augmentation Help Decrease Puffy Nipples? (photo)

I have always hated my breasts, they never filled out like most womens, and look pre pubescent. I am getting 325 CCs in a few weeks and wanted to know... READ MORE

Does Breast Augmentation Affect the Menstrual Cycle?

Does the anesthsia throw off your menstrual cycle? How long is normal? Also will your breast hurt before your menstrual cycle after Breast... READ MORE

How Do I Get Boobs like Holly Madison? (photo)

Hello! I am 20 years old 5'5" and weigh 110 pounds.. Currently I am a 32/34 A and I really love holly madison's boobs(picture posted) Do... READ MORE

Considering Breast Augmentation. Will 400cc Implants Get Me My Desired Look and a D Cup? (photo)

I am considering a breast augmentation, i am 5,6 i weigh 110 pounds and i want to go to a d, i was considering 400cc high profile implants or maybe... READ MORE

After Breast Augmentation

What can I expect from breast augmentation plastic surgery? How long will the procedure last? READ MORE

Tingling and Numbness in Both Arms at One Month - Suggestions?

I got breast augmentation 1 month ago with silicone at 300. I still have tingling and numbness in both arms and am wondering what to do. Is this... READ MORE

One Breast Still Won't Drop 4 Months PO, Will It Ever?

I am 4 months out from a lift/ augmentation and my right implant refuses to drop. I am pretty sure the left one has because it is lower,softer and... READ MORE

Now AA Cup, Will a 325cc Give Me a FULL B?

I'm currently a AA super small and want a Full B cup. Today I went to try out different sizes. I chose the 325...will that give me. Full b cup bra... READ MORE

Is Breast Augmentation Redo Recommended for Me?

I have recently undergone breast augmentation. I'm a small B and want to be a full C cup. My surgeon has placed 290cc memory gel silicone implants. At... READ MORE

What Can I Expect From Breast Augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift at the Same Time?

How long and what can you expect when you combine breast augmentation surgery with Brazilian butt augmentation?? READ MORE

I Still Have Pain 8 Weeks After BA when Does This Go Away

Still have pain especially under right arm pit/ feel burning sensation in right breast READ MORE

What Can I Expect From Augmentation For A Concave Chest?

Im 5'10 and 125 lbs... An A cup right now want to achieve a C cup. My surgeon recommends 304cc of silicone and discussed my concave chest and if i... READ MORE

Will my High Profile BA Eventually Be Teardrop Shape? Got Them 6 Months Ago and Still the Same Torpedo Shape. (photo)

Will my High Profile BA Eventually Be Teardrop Shape? Got Them 6 Months Ago and Still the Same Torpedo Shape. READ MORE

Expert Opinion Needed- Will My Expectations Be Met With 255cc Moderate Plus Profile? (photo)

I have a 34/32a. I want a natural look, similar to the last picture. Breast Width Diameter of 11cm Surgeon recommends 255ccs mod + profile. Any bigger... READ MORE

Size After Swelling with Gummy Bear 410's Anatomical

I am a 32A bra size, and fill it out fully. I am 116lbs, 5'2 ft. I am getting the 410 Allergan Anatomical implant size 280 grams MM. I am hoping... READ MORE

How Much Will Sub Fascial Breast Drop or Do They Drop at All? (photo)

My PS used sub fascial placement 12 days ago. I love my results so far. I read other girls reviews in here and I see tons of pictures and notice that... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 550cc Implanted Increased 1 Cup Size? Will they Grow as They Settle?

Hi, i had a breast augmentation 11 days ago, i was a 38B and i wanted to increase to a 38D or DD, my surgeon implanted 500cc in my left and 550cc in... READ MORE

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