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Excess Skin on Breasts After Pregnancy. What to Do?

I was a very full DD cup prepartum. They did not get much bigger during pregnancy, but afterwards they shrunk down to a low C/high B - maybe less if... READ MORE

Excess Skin After Breast Augmentation

I had a boob job and they were never right. surgeon said do exercises push them in place, it didn't work. is there anything i can do? if i lay on my... READ MORE

What Went Wrong Here? Implants Too Low, Asymmetric Nipples and Excess Skin.

I had a breast augmentation done 5 months ago to get the fullness i lost from having children and breastfeeding. From day one I haven't been happy... READ MORE

Slight Skin Excess and Strange Scarring Post 4 Months Uplift and Implant? (photo)

Scars seamed to have healed very well however at the bottom of the incision in the crease of the breast it has left a strange shape, also appear to... READ MORE

28 year old, sagging breasts. Currently size 12E. What do you recommend? (Photo)

I'm wanting fullness at the top of the breast. I have a lot of excess skin due to weight loss. Size wise I'm happy with being an E as I've always... READ MORE

What is reasonable cost for a periareolar mastopexy revision after an augmentation? (Photo)

I am 6 months post op from a breast augmentation. I have 250 cc Mentor implants in each breast. I had nursed 2 children and was seeking fuller breasts... READ MORE

Am I a more difficult patient with all the excess skin? My goal is a small D or full C. Is that unrealistic? (Photo)

I am very fit and had naturally huge boobs. All gone after nursing 4 babies. Will I be able to get a natural teardrop hanging breast after a lift and... READ MORE

Would a breast lift allow me to stay my old size (34D), or would I have to get implants?

Before I had my two children, I was a 34 D. I still fit in to my 34 D bra's, but my breasts lack fullness (they're so saggy, have excess skin and are... READ MORE

What type of surgeries do I require to get my breasts looking normal again? (photos)

I'm 5'1, 29yrs old and have lost about 75lbs over the last 4 years. I've gone from 220lbs to 145 and from a 42i cup to a 34DD. As you can see, I now... READ MORE

What do you think of my breast lift with implants? Eurosilicone 280cc 85% low profile dual plane (Photo)

Operated Apr 2014 During the operation he decided the size of the implants August 2014 said that I thought implants were too high. He didnt agree.... READ MORE

I want to remove excess skin from breasts/flat chest instead of fake boobs. How risky is this? What will down time be? (Photo)

I am 24. 5"8, 140lbs. My breasts are droopy and have excess skin after giving birth to my three children. I would like to continue losing weight and... READ MORE

Symmastia or excess skin? (Photo)

I can pinch the skin between my breast and it actually lifts of my chest,especially when I lean forward, creating a uni-boob like look. Could this be... READ MORE

Does This Look Okay? The Pain from Surgery is Bad. (photo)

I had heavy breasts with a large cup size. I wanted a supportive lift that would reduce my size by removing excess skin. I thought it was a Mastopexy,... READ MORE

My nipple is purple. 3 days post op. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi there, I had a Maxopexy & Breast Augmentation on Tuesday the 1 Dec 2015. In Surgery for 3 hours, a lot of excess skin. Everything is going fanatic... READ MORE

Will my Implants round out on the bottom after 8 months? (photos)

I had subfascia axillary breast augmentation about 8 months ago. The bottom portion of breast are a little flat from The side view and have a small... READ MORE

Areola incision vs. Inframammary incision?

Three consults later 2 out of three PS have said largest I can go is 275-300CC's due to my thin tissue and minimal excess skin. I really like one of... READ MORE

Lots of excess skin on breasts ? Full anchor lift or 500cc implants under? (photos)

I am 37, breastfed 3 children and weigh 140. I have lost weight, my breasts are just skin, mostly in the lower pole. My nipples are measuring at 21cm... READ MORE

Terrified! Don't know if I'm bottoming out or excess skin/scar tissue?!

30 year old mother of 3 (breast fed). Was AA cup. Right breast was always droopier due to breast feeding on right side FAR more- stretching it. 450cc... READ MORE

Could I have optimal results with only an implant? (photo)

I used to have full D-cup breasts, until I lost 12kg this year (I am 27). Result is that i lost fullness and have some excess skin and a bit of... READ MORE

What is happening with my breasts? This is a two month difference. I lost a lot of weight. Will the skin shrink back? (Photo)

I noticed that my breasts are saggy but after looking at pictures they aren't pointing straight down like they were before? Ive been doing some chest... READ MORE

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