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How Soon After Surgery Can You Tell if You Are Encapsulating?

I have had 5 breast surgeries this year,(one implant exchange, two capsulectomies on the same side, hematoma on same side, and exploration and pocket... READ MORE

What can I do to make breast (implants) feel softer?

Two months ago I decided to get a breast augmentation. Doctor went with Natrelle Silicone filled style 15 at 457cc. I've been massaging about 2 times... READ MORE

Surgeon Squeezed my Encapsulated Breast. 16 Months Post Op. Is This Ok?

16 mtg postop.Dr.said he did not like how high my right breast was sitting or howhard it felt. He was squeezing the tighter breast and told me it was... READ MORE

Sharp Pain After 26 Years of Encapsulation. What Happened?

First surgery in 1985. Sponge left in L breast for 4 months. Removal.Implant was punctured. leaking. replaced. fell to naval level. sewn in. severe... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Asymmetry 8wks Following Mastoplexy?

Following capsule formation I had encapsulectomy and mastoplexy performed. Scars healing well though not very neat but much worse is the asymmetry... READ MORE

If Encapsulation is Caused by Bacteria And/or Body Rejection, Why is It Only on my Dominant Side?

My theory is that I did too much too soon after augmentation surgery - excercise & just daily activities of a busy mom - using, of course, my... READ MORE

Is chest pain a symptom of encapsulated/hard implants?

Implants were done in 1972, they are encapsulated but no symptoms. Now I am getting intermittent chest pain on one side. Cardiologist ruled out heart... READ MORE

Are my Breast Encapsulated?

I have cohesive gel implants and I'm scared that my right one (over the muscle) may be encapsulated it feels hard and lumpy and a little painful. As I... READ MORE

I am 3 weeks post-op. Are my breast going to round out and look more normal? (photos)

I had a lift/reduction and replaced saline encapsulated implants with 355cc Gel. My breast were much rounder before the procedure. The seem very flat... READ MORE

How Soon Can You Tell After a Breast Augmentation if Your Breast is Encapsulating?

I had a breast augmentation on Feb. 27th 2012. My right breast had pus coming from the stiches on one corner and I visited my ps as soon a I noticed.... READ MORE

If my encapsulation is due to radiation from breast cancer treatment, will my insurance cover the cost to repair?

I had implants for about 2 years before I got breast cancer stage 1. Caught it early DUE to my implants! Then had radiation treatment and it caused my... READ MORE

Breast implants encapsulating. Would massaging and taking singulair work?

Im 6 months post op from a breast augmentation under the muscle 385 CC.. The implants are starting to encapsulate my surgeon prescribed me singulair... READ MORE

Can I Get an Infection from an Encapsulated Implant?

I had breast augmentation 6 months in Colombia (because I was living there at the moment) I moved to the US and in April I went to a surgeon and was... READ MORE

I want my implants back. What are the chances of encapsulating again?

I got my 23 year old implants removed 17 months ago for several reasons and am considering re implanting. I miss my figure and the way my cloths fit.... READ MORE

Do I have capsular encapsulation?

Breast augmentation four years ago. A few months ago I started getting nipple itching and burning, now below nipple it's sore and painful. If I... READ MORE

My breast look different from each other, wondering if I have encapsulation & one and the other one hangs really low now?(photo)

I have 378 cc Over the muscle. The first picture I showed you is what I look like before the middle picture is me 12 weeks out where they look pretty... READ MORE

Encapsulation and Going Bigger?

I posted a question regarding the encapsulation of my L Breast Implant (done 06/13/12) one doctor stated he would not opt to go bigger? Can I ask why?... READ MORE

How long is it fine to leave a ruptured silicone gel implant in when it is encapsulated?

Implants done 10 years ago. 1 breast was dropping & softer so I went to my BA Dr and got an MRI. It has ruptured and is incapsule. It will be... READ MORE

Could I Have Encapsulation Now?

Over the last week the right one is become painful if I move a certain way. This side always felt bigger and harder. The doctor told. me 6 years ago... READ MORE

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