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Does Breast Exercise Really Helps Enlarge Breast?

I want my breast to improve but i don't want surgery. My friends told me to do breast exercise but does this really works? READ MORE

Fish Oil Injections for Breast Growth?

Is it true you can have fish oil injected in the breast to make them lager ? If so are there any side effects? READ MORE

Considering Autologous Fat Transfer from Liposuction for Breast Augmentation. Is it really an effective, long-term solution?

A recent study (Choi et al., 2013) compared volume of fat retained at various time points as measured by 3-D imaging. Results showed only 52.3%... READ MORE

Do Compression Straps Really Work? (photo)

I had my surgery 7 days ago and for the last 6 days I have had to wear this terrible strap 24/7. Right after surgery I did have one breast resting... READ MORE

Is it safe to take arnica after Breast Augmentation surgery to help reduce swelling and is it effective?

Is it safe to take arnica after BA surgery to help reduce swelling and is it effective? Thank you. READ MORE

Is Adifyline effective in increasing fatty tissue volume where applied in a serum?

I am an androgynous male using a breast serum called Sublime Bust. It is made primarily of Pueraria Mirifica (white), a powerful phytoestrogen, and... READ MORE

Will the Thongbra Compression Garment Alone Help Fix Congenital Symmastia?

I have congenital symmastia which gives my breasts a saggy and undefined appearance. I don't think I have any breast tissue between my breasts, its... READ MORE

2nd Day on Fenugreek and My Breasts Have a Slight Tingle?

This is my 2nd day on fenugreek my breast have a slight tingle does this mean fenugreek are working to make my breast bigger im 44 yrs old an im only... READ MORE

Breast Massages: Fake or Fact?

I was wondering if breast massages actually made a difference in the size of a woman's bust. I understand the whole "it helps circulation" but is... READ MORE

Ultrasonic Cavitation?

How effective is is Ultrasonic Cavitation on small areas such as the arms? And what are the side effects? Thankyou! READ MORE

Juvederm to Reduce Rippling After Breast Augmentation?

Can I use juvederm to help reduce rippling after breast augmentation ? READ MORE

Is Singulair treatment effective?

Hi is treatment with singulair effective in majority of cases to help one of the breasts to drop and to reduce the swelling etc and also to help with... READ MORE

I Am Wondering if Breast Augmentation Using Your Own Fat is Safe and Effective?

I am 5ft 2 " tall and 105 pounds. I have breast fed four children. My breasts were a perfect and pert 34 B before the kids and they are now a very... READ MORE

Is Accutane Effective to Prevent Capsule Formation if I Start Taking It the Day of The Surgery?

Hi I am getting breast augmentation today. I used isotretinoin six months ago. I was going to use accutane to prevent capsule formation but I am... READ MORE

How easy and cost effective would it be to change out my implants?

My plastic surgeon did a great job but I am a DD and would like them lifted and probably smaller. How hard is it to do? Will insurance cover some of... READ MORE

How safe and effective is an epidural and sedation for Breast Augmentation ?

Is this method of anesthesia only common in Dominica Republic and what is the blue pill ? READ MORE

Does natural breast enlargement cream works or not since the cream has been advertised on TV?

I want to increase one to two cup of my breast so should I use the natural enlargement cream or not plz advise Also is it harmful or not? Thx READ MORE

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