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How Long Should Bandages Stay on After Breast Aug?

I had my surgery a week ago. I was suppose to get my bandages off today and he changed the date till next week. 2 weeks seems a bit long to have... READ MORE

How May Times a Day Are You Supposed to Massage Your Breasts After Augmentation, and for How Long Each Time?

I had breast augmentation on the 14th of July so it has been a little over 2 weeks. READ MORE

When Can I See Final Breast Augmentation Result?

I am 5’7”, 143 lbs and had 500 cc's under transauxillary. I am 4 weeks post op and my right breast looks noticeably fuller and lower than the left. I ... READ MORE

How Long to Wear a Surgical Bra?

I recently got BA and was instructed to wear the surgical bra with the band for 3 months. I've read blogs and comments about other patients only being... READ MORE

Can I Do Squats a Week After Surgery?

Can I do squats or general excersice a week after having my BA? Also how long do I have to wear the surgical bra for? And when can I wear an underwire... READ MORE

What Can I Expect From Breast Augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift at the Same Time?

How long and what can you expect when you combine breast augmentation surgery with Brazilian butt augmentation?? READ MORE

Can I sleep I my side after a breast augmentation? (photo)

I am 2 weeks post-op. Doctors usually tell me to follow the instructions of my surgeon, but I am seeking a second opinion. He said to sleep flat on my... READ MORE

Pain 4 Months After BA- Is This Common? How Long Will It Last?

I Had Augmentation in October, Stitches Held Great, but I Keep Having Little Pains Especially in the Lower Right Breast. Is this common? How long does... READ MORE

Breast band? I had a BA (HP, Natrelle/Allergan, sub muscular) (photo)

I had a BA (HP, Natrelle/Allergan, sub muscular) uncomfortable breast band for 3 weeks. It is to my understanding that it's used in order for the... READ MORE

Do I Need to Wear a Bra 24/7 After Surgery? (photo)

I had my surgery done Thursday Sept. 13th 2013 I never wear bras and this is torture. Do I need to wear a bra 24/7 after surgery? Do I need to sleep... READ MORE

How Long Does the Letdown Feeling (As in Nursing) Last After Subglandular Breast Augmentation?

I'm 5 weeks into postop, my PS says it could take up to 6 months, hopefully thats just a generous estimate! Almost any movement involving my arms or... READ MORE

How long can I keep deflated saline implant in place?

I'm considering either removing my saline implants or just downsizing. I'd like to have the implants deflated first to get a sense of what they would... READ MORE

Belly Area Pain from Having a BA Via TUBA??

I had my BA 3 1/2 weeks ago and I am still having some off and on pains from my surgery in my belly area. How long should I expect this to last for?... READ MORE

How Many Hours Would a Breast Augmentation and a Jaw Reduction Surgery Take Done Together?

Hi, I'm planning to get my breasts augmented (underarm incision, dual plane under the muscle, cohesive gel 250cc) and a jaw reduction surgery at... READ MORE

How Long the Implant Last Without Any Complication?

What is the warranty of the mentor implants and what they cover READ MORE

4 weeks post-op, when can I sleep without a sports bra after having Breast Augmentation?

I am 4week post op and I have read that it's better to wear a bra as much as possible, but for me sleeping in one isn't ideal every night, sometimes I... READ MORE

How long after breast aumentation i have to wear the bra

I had my surgery 7 months ago and i still wear my post operatory bra because the doctor told me that wearing the bra its the best option, but i know... READ MORE

How long does the pain last?

It's exact two weeks after breast augmentation and I'm having constant pain in both breast. The right more than the left. How long does this pain last? READ MORE

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