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Benefits of Dual Plane Breast Augmentation

What are the benefits of the dual plane technique? Is it less painful than the other procedures? Does it cause less bleeding, capsule constractor?... READ MORE

How to Tell the Difference Between a Bruise and a Hematoma After BA? (photo)

I am Day 6 dual plane, 325cc BA (mastopexy 6 months ago). I have significant bruising on the R breast that started on day 3, nothing on the L.The... READ MORE

Worried I've Bottomed Out. Breasts Are Uneven 6 Weeks Post Op Dual Plan Aug (photo)

6 weeks ago I had my breast augmentation with 250 cc mod+ with "dual plane" tech.and from the first week I was feeling diffirent on my left... READ MORE

What Happened, Snoopy Breast? (photo)

11,5 weeks ago I had high-profile, silicone implants (350cc) placed dual-plane together with BREAST LIFT, mastopexy.. For 6 weeks I continuously wore... READ MORE

Loose Skin in Lower Part of Breast After Breast Augmentation

I had a breast augmentation 3 weeks ago.The implants were put submuscular DP1 (does that mean dual plane type 1 ?),305cc. I was told not to wear any... READ MORE

How Long to Recover from Dual Plane Breast Augmentation?

I am going for surgery next week, and would like to know how long is a sufficient time to recover. I do not want to rush anything, and want the... READ MORE

Question About Gap and Cleavage?

4 days out 304cc dual plane. I have large gap. I understand I had one before and will have one no matter what but is there any way to help close the... READ MORE

Round Implants Haven't Dropped After 7 Months

I had a breast augmentation 7 months ago (round implants, 275 cc, filled with responsive gel, dual plane). I went from an A to a full B cup. From the... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - What Went Wrong?

Hi everyone, i had a breast augmentation 5 months ago but very unhappy with the result... i was an empty 32b (uk, not sure if it the same) had 340g... READ MORE

Dual Plane BA-Indentation Normal? (photo)

I recently had dual plane BA done in Jan- mod + 304 cc's silicone I'm pleased with the natural looking results, however, when I lift my arms above my... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations in LA - Breast Augmentation with Cohesive Silicone Gel via Endoscopic Transaxillary?

I'm a Asian/5'4"/105 lbs/full A cup(almost no saggy), would like to have dual plane breast aumentation through the armpits to full C cup,... READ MORE

Can You Perform a Dual Plane Breast Implant Procedure Through a Nipple Incision?

I had implants in Shanghai. I can feel the edges on one side and bottom and they are slightly uneven, but other than that I was pretty happy. I told... READ MORE

Can I Get a Natural Look with a 275-300cc High Profile Implant? (photo)

My PS recommend 275-300cc silicone implants placed with the dual plane technique. Can I achieve a natural look with this size implant? I really don't... READ MORE

Looking into Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I want big boobs, around a dd/e cup. I had a consult with a cosmetic surgeon(who has a very good rep) and he has advised 315cc dual plane teardrops,... READ MORE

Why Do Some People Opt for DUAL Plane Placement? Which is Best for Me? (Photo)

My BA is scheduled for 21 Dec, 2012. I'm still having a hard time decided whether to go Subglandular, Dual Plane, or Submuscular. My current stats are... READ MORE

Is the Biplane Technique a Better Option over Dual Plane for Athletic Women Seeking Augmentation? (photo)

I live in Toronto, Canada and read an article on Pubmed about Dr Umar Khan's biplane implant placement technique. He's a UK doc that developed this... READ MORE

Can Dual Plane Breast Augmentation Provide "Lift", and is It Different from Submuscular? (photo)

My PS said all submuscular = dual plane, that lift is only possible with a lift. He said he could use dual plane on my saggier one, but it would only... READ MORE

4 months post op Breast Augmentation, do I need a lift? (photos)

Hi. I got my BA done 4 months ago (round, textured, sili, 385hp dual plane) and I feel as if my breasts look square and saggy. I had my follow up... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation but Nipple Still Sagging? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation 2 months ago (+245, dual plan) but my areolas are still sagging. I'm disappointed because we did not mention the... READ MORE

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