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Help with dressing and stitches post periaereolar breast augmentation

I am 12 days post breast augmentation using a periaereolar incision with dissolvable stitches. I have been cleaning the wounds and changing the... READ MORE

Why Did my Nipple Scar Form a Discoloration and Dryness?

I got my surgery about 4 months ago through my aerola. Everything seems okay but around my scar it has formed a discoloration and is dry. Well it go away? READ MORE

Itchy Areolas

Formed dry patch on areola skin pealing/flaking. Had breast surgery back in Sept 2011 advised surgeon that I participated in a mud run on 03/26. Dry... READ MORE

RED DRY ITCHY patch of skin+tiny bumps near and in incision line. 1 breast after BA. (photos)

What is going on!? I had tagaderm to cover my stitches to protect from water. Switched to bandaid then found this rash under it after I had on for 2... READ MORE

Breast Aug With Saline 8 Months Ago and About 3 Months Ago a Red Dot Appeared? (photo)

I had breast augmentation (Saline) 8 months ago like 3 months ago I noticed a red dot above my left breast (No pain or itch) I thought was a pimple.My... READ MORE

Is this a rash from the tape or stretch mark? (photos)

I showered 4 or 5 times since surgery on November 27. I applied some oil on my chest for dryness but it may have irritated my breast? Is this a rash... READ MORE

Will this wound worsen? (photo)

This is a scar revision (previous aug 1 yr ago). Doctor thinks its superficial and has given me wound care instructions that I have been following. He... READ MORE

Are Dry Nipples Normal, 5 Months Post-op?

I had my ba in oct of 2013 it's feb 2014 just now noticing my nipples are very dry is this normal after time has passed READ MORE

I'm 8 weeks post op and I have a dry flaking itchy breast. What can I do?

Hi I'm 8 weeks post op everything is going very well the last 10 day the skin on my outer breast area has gone very dry flaking and so itchy. I... READ MORE

Should I keep my breast lift incision site moist or dry?

I've read that recently studies have shown that keeping a wound moist is preferred for faster healing and to minimize scaring. Can this apply to... READ MORE

Dots on nipples? (Photos)

For some reason post op I have had lines made out of small spots on both nipples. I'm unsure how to explain properly so I will attach pictures.... READ MORE

I'm 7 weeks post op and started having extremely dry and itchy nipples including the area right around the nipple. Normal?

I've been using coconut oil twice a day since I had the surgery but it is not relieving the itching now. READ MORE

Scars and tape? (photos)

I'm in the UK so I'm aware they do things differently , I'm currently two weeks post op and have been told every time I get my scars wet I have to... READ MORE

Dry nipples after breast augmentation. Is this normal?

I had breast augmentation in the end of november 2016. At the moment, everything is healing well, still a little bit sensless:my nippes and under. My... READ MORE

330C silicone under muscle 8 days post left side of smaller boob hurts more. Pain and bruising from armpit to stomach. (Photos)

I got 330s under musscle. To begin with i had aysemmec boobs but im thinking in surgergy did the surgeon try even this out a bit more as i see my... READ MORE

Dry nipples after BA. Is this normal? What is the reason for this?

Hello, I had my first BA about 3 weeks ago. 375cc on the left and 400cc moderate profile silicone implants on the right side. My incision site was the... READ MORE

Infection 4 months after augmentation?

I am 4 months post op for breast augmentation and lift and tonight I noticed a dry patch around my nipple. When gently wiping it, it looks like a... READ MORE

4 months PO, signs of red halo around nipple, itching, and flakey and dry. What could this mean?

Hi, I am 4 months PO and I have noticed a red halo around the bottom of my nipple where the insition was made. also, there is a clear fluid that comes... READ MORE

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