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Steri Strip Lifted 48 Hours Post Op, Is It Still Effective?

I just changed my dressings 48 hours post op as directed and as I was removing gauze, one of the steri strips covering my nipple was stuck to the... READ MORE

Help with dressing and stitches post periaereolar breast augmentation

I am 12 days post breast augmentation using a periaereolar incision with dissolvable stitches. I have been cleaning the wounds and changing the... READ MORE

Breast Aug - Dark Red Marks? (photo)

I am 7 days post op and after taking off the out dressings last night I have noticed dark red/purple marks on my right breast. Are these anything to... READ MORE

What is the rationale behind some doctors using microfoam tape post?

I see some pictures of girls post op with their boobs taped up with microfoam dressing. Wanted to know the benefit in that READ MORE

I've bleed today after having my bandages off 7 days post op for BA & lift -It seems ok but do I need to get re-dressed? (photo)

I had a BA &lift 7 days ago. pleased with them as was nurse at my follow up today. She removed badages; said healing well; said nothing to strenious... READ MORE

Is it safe/normal to have dressings on for 2 and a half weeks after Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation 400cc under the muscle and a nipple lift. I got my dressings changed 1 week after surgery and the nurse said I need to... READ MORE

How can I best treat these wounds, and what kind of movement/activities should I limit to not aggravate them? (photos)

I started experiencing this dehiscence about a week after surgery, and the area under both breasts and under the areolas have gotten progressively... READ MORE

Has my incisions reopened? (photo)

I have had my implants for almost a month with no issues a few days ago I removed my dressing and found what i thought was a small blister and a... READ MORE

2 days post op. My dressing looks dry and clean and I suppose if it were open then the dressings would have blood on them?

I had breast augmentation 2 days ago and I seem to feel worse now, breasts very swollen hard and sore. But it's my incisions that feel like they are... READ MORE

Reaction to dressing after a boob job

I had a boob job a week ago today during the week I noticed a blister now it's very itchy and red where my dressing has been, I have now changed it to... READ MORE

Are my Incisions ok to be left like this? I am really worried (Photo)

I am 1 week post op and went to get my dressings taken off today. The nurse has told me that the incision on the left breast hasn't closed properly so... READ MORE

Wearing my dressing & bra for 6 days?

I have am 3 days post op on a breast augmentation and a lift. My surgeon requires me to wear my dressing, bra and stabilizer for 6 days, I am not even... READ MORE

One of my dressings fell off in the shower so I've replaced it, chance of infection from the water?

My right dressing fell off in the shower today and when it did it had brown water streaming off it (when the water mixed with the old blood I guess),... READ MORE

9 weeks post op breast augmentation, left breast scar is not healing properly, oozing continuously and dressed daily. (photo)

3 weeks post op the scar glue came off as expected, the scar began to open on both sides, and I got a fever etc so my PS put me on antibiotic... READ MORE

Breast augmentation. Can I take the dressing off tomorrow?

Hi have had an amazing perfect expreince. But the bandages r still on from the op. Only to be removed on Thursday but the have started becoming... READ MORE

Boob job 2 weeks ago and noticed a sore spot under my dressing?

I had a breast augmentation 2 weeks ago and I've noticed a sore spot under my dressing, my stitches haven't been tAken out yet. I haven't felt any... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Breast Augmentation, I found blood after removing dressing. Any suggestions?

When removing dressings to apply a clean one daily I find 2 round dots of blood on the dressing each time on both breast? I have no swelling or pain... READ MORE

HELP! What does this look like? Infection right?! Could I lose implant because of this? (Photo)

16 days post breast lift and augmentation, at about 12 days post whilst changing my daily dressings a bit of scab came off with the gauze, since then... READ MORE

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