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What is the Average Space Between the Nipple and the Crease?

Im planning on getting a breast augmentation and was wondering if I go too big if my nipples will be pointed more down because I dont have the average... READ MORE

Downward-pointing nipples and overall poor breast form. What surgery should I be looking into?

I'm 20 years old, and ever since I can remember my breasts have had extreme sag and my nipples are puffy and point downward. It has been a major... READ MORE

3 wk post op, I am worried that my nipples will permanently be facing downward at the bottom of my breast and not in the middle.

I had a breast augmentation 5/16/14. It has now been a week and 3 days post op. The implant is dropping but is still high. My breasts look more cone... READ MORE

How long should it take before my implants stop looking square, also one of my nipple look like it's pointing downward? (photo)

My breast are looking freaky shaped and I have pressure pain in my chest between my two breast. 12th after bb/tt READ MORE

What caused these bad Breast results? Should I choose a new surgeon? (photos)

Bottoming out , pocket on one side too big causing a dent in chest when I lay down and breast falls to the side , pectoral muscle when flexed digs... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate For Implants Without a Lift?

Or something smaller than a full lollipop lift... I'd like to recieve rather large implants DD/DDD. I am a saggy D now. READ MORE

I have uneven breasts. My right breast was huge, saggy, and the nipple pointed down. Will it even out? (photo)

My right breast caused rashes, a horrible hole which drained pus, and horrible back pain. My life was miserable. But thanks to the insurance for... READ MORE

Will my nipples/areola rise higher when my implants settle or will they look even more downward pointing? I'm worried (Photo)

I'm aware that it's very early in the healing process since this is only day 2 post op. My nipples just look like they're pointing downward instead of... READ MORE

I'm not satisfy with the result. Will my breast get fuller on the bottom and that my nipple will move up a little? (photo)

5'2 103lbs, 397cc silicone gel placed under the muscle, mod+. Although i know im still very early to judge the final result, i am not happy with how... READ MORE

I had Breast augmentation done on Friday and I am absolutely horrified by how bad my breasts look. Any suggestions? (photo)

My nipples point down and it looks like the implant is sitting in my chest wall under my collar bone. I had no idea that it would look this bad. I... READ MORE

Will Pregnancy and Lactation Bring my Nipples Slightly Down?

I had an breast augmentation surgery 2 years ago ,i had a 300cc implant that was slighly large on my body because im thin but i love the size..the... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, after my breast drop, will my nipple stay down? (photos)

4 week and 3 day after surgry ....430 round silimed textcured ... I think the impland too high and doctor dont lift the breast !!!! Whay he He cut the... READ MORE

What can I do to correct my uneven breast & downward facing nipples? (photos)

My breasts are different sizes. I know it's normal but it's very noticeable to me & I don't like it. They differ in that one is basically one inch... READ MORE

2 months post op, my right breast is higher than my left, what can I do? (photos)

It's been two months since my breast augmentation. I got 400cc saline moderate profile behind the muscle, incision through the areola. My right breast... READ MORE

2 days post op, I feel my nipples point downwards a bit, also, one still sits a tad lower. Will it get better with time? (photo)

I was an A in my right breast and almost a B in my left. We did 309 CC in my left under muscle gel implants mid profile. In the right we did 339 cc... READ MORE

I had a Capsulorraphy a week ago, due to bottoming out on both sides. Is it normal now for my nipples to be pointing downward?

I have moderate profile silicone 350 implants. I have had my implants for 6 months. My nipples were not like this before capsulorrhaphy. My upper... READ MORE

3 months post op, implants are hard, high, & nipples facing down. No drop and fluff. Is this normal?

I got 325cc HP textured partial unders through crease incision three months ago. They look almost exactly as they did on day 1 - minus the swelling. I... READ MORE

Nipple points down. What are options to fix it?

I'm a year and half post-op and my one nipple points down. The surgery was done through the nipple. I'm not 100% happy with the results, but not... READ MORE

Are my implants bottom out ? if so, is it reversible? 1 month post op (photos)

If i need corrective surgery how long should i wait my left breast is sagging my right breast is too small they point downward and nipples are fluid... READ MORE

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