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Thinking About Downsizing from High Profile to Mod Plus

I had breast augmentation 3 months ago. I have always thought they are a little too big (busty). I was barely a 34A prior to surgery, 5'8"... READ MORE

I Asked for a Full C a DD. I Am Very Uncomfortable with This. Should I Downsize & when Should It Be Done? (photo)

Not Comfortable! So Sad! 5'3", 140 lbs. 36B pre-op. My size didn't bother me before but was unhappy with sagging after 3 babies. At the consultation... READ MORE

How Far Can I Downsize my 450's?

I've heard that an implant >350cc's on a small frame (32A) oversteetches the skin. I have 450cc's so altho PS says I have good skin quality I'm... READ MORE

Lateral Displacement, Bottoming Out, Lift, and Downsizing. What would your recommended to correct my issues be? (photo)

I currently have 1100cc Mod+ saline implants under the muscle. I have been told that I need a lift in order to receive internal sutures to correct LD... READ MORE

I Am 2 Weeks Post Op. I Downsized from 550 Cc High Profile Implants to 425 Cc Same Profile? (photo)

I feel that my breast implants are a little low. They also fall a little bit to the side when I lie on my back and breast feels somewhat deflated when... READ MORE

I am concerned with the cons of downsizing my implants at 1 year post-op. Will my breasts look "droopy" or saggy? (photo)

February 11, 2014 I had breast augmentation. Pre-op, I was a 32 AA. Received Mentor 325cc high profile silicone implants taking me to a 32D. I... READ MORE

How do big-breasted gals choose implants? (photo)

I have 750cc high profile implants that I am swapping out for smaller, happier implants, along with a lift. However, since my breasts are so large I... READ MORE

Are these 450cc silicone hp implants too big for my body? (photos)

I had surgery in June 2014. Do the implants look too big to you and can downsizing be done easily? I would like to be a small C. I feel very... READ MORE

Best Way to Downsize? - BA Was 6 Weeks Ago, Want to Downsize Asap? (photo)

I completely regret augmentation and wish I left my natural breasts alone. I would explant, but I'm too worried that they won't look as "good" as they... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait After Breast Augmentation to Switch to a Smaller Size Implant? (photo)

I recently had a breast aug with 300cc implants filled to 360 and I'm regretting the size and fake look that I feel I'll be stuck with. I know it's... READ MORE

I lost nipple sensitivity after Breast Augmentation. ​Would a revision (downsize) increase likelihood of fixing this? (photos)

Prior to BA, 1 breast (much more than other) was a real erogenous zone. Surgery was August 2013 Following surgery, I felt nothing, now very slight... READ MORE

How Many Cc Decrease Would Put Me in a Manageable Size? (photo)

Reposting Due to Clarification About Pregnancy,unhappy with my Size Now. I started out as a 30d/32c. Wanted to be more round on top and no more than a... READ MORE

Why do my breasts look so big? And will they get smaller? (photos)

I had my breast augmentation 8 days ago, and I'm really scared of how big my breasts look. I only got 245cc anatomicals (medium height and medium... READ MORE

How long can I have explant or downsize without causing more damage? (photos)

I put 295cc high profile Allergan, textured, over the muscle has three months (diameter: 11.25 projection: 4.6). 29yo, no kids. I repented. At first I... READ MORE

I'm 5ft 6, 115 lbs, with 650 hp implants. Would downsizing or explantation be best?

I had 400 hp implants for a while,i regret this decision is 500 cc more, i can hide them but not be bra less or use sexy clothes without look fake i... READ MORE

Downsizing/Revision -- Looking for advice on implant size/profile to achieve goal look? (photo)

I lacked fullness after my breast lift so I chose 330cc saline/under implants. I have since bottomed-out, have rippling, flex distortion and maybe CC... READ MORE

Is downsizing from 400cc HP simple procedure? (photos)

I got 400 cc silicone HP implants a year ago.I'm 130 lbs 37 yrs old and was a 34 AAA athletic built. Now I'm a D-DD cup! I have a very active life... READ MORE

Downsizing -- Looking for advice on implant size/profile to achieve goal photo?

I lacked fullness after my breast lift so I chose 330cc saline/under implants. I have since bottomed-out, have rippling, flex distortion and maybe CC... READ MORE

Need to downsize a new transaxillary 650cc breast augmentation (photos)

Hi there , I had 600 and 650 silicone implants put in 2 weeks ago via transaxillary incision. This size not only looks insane to me(I understand it is... READ MORE

How do you choose implant profile?

How do you know what to get? Should surgeon decide? What instances are best for high profile, mod or mod plus or low profile. When are anatomicals... READ MORE

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