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Muscle Distortion, Bottoming Out and Deformity in Both Breasts

I had Breast Augmentation with an uplift in Feb 2010,to regain my fullness,i had 255cc in each breast. in Aug 2010 had a re-opp due to muscle... READ MORE

I Had BA Surgery One Year Ago and Ended Up with Symmastia, Severe Muscle Distortion and Possibly Bottoming Out - Any Advice?

Pre-Op I was a very small 32AA-left breast was smaller and higher than the right. Post-Op 32C-300 cc saline submuscular. Nervous for revisionary... READ MORE

Breast Implant Muscle Distortion

I am considering saline unders, only about 125 c. I am worried about muscle distortion as I work out strenuosly 8-9 hours a week in kickboxing and... READ MORE

How can I prevent flex distortion after breast augmentation?

What can cause flex distortion? Is it something the patient can prevent by proper care during healing or does it just spontaneously happen? READ MORE

Are breast implants under the muscle distorted from certain movements during exercise/weight lifting?

Is muscle distortment from exercise permanent after movement or only during the movement? What is normal for the breast during weightlifting... READ MORE

Breast Deformity from Muscle Pulling in from Peri-areolar Incision?

I have a peri-areolar incision from breast augmentation which pulls inward, and even more when flexing the pectural muscle. Even at a resting state... READ MORE

Why do my boobs look distorted with my arms raised? (photo)

I have included a picture but does this look normal 6 weeks post op? They look circular and a bit uneven with my arms raised. Will this improve over time? READ MORE

Desire BA, will not sacrifice weight lifting lifestyle. Subfascial or is proper healing time key to avoid distortion? (photo)

I am currently getting frustrated with the inconsistency I am finding with PS's answering the question of returning to athletic lifestyle and how a BA... READ MORE

Will This Tattoo Become Distorted by a Breast Augmentation? (photo)

This is a photo of my tattoo...im currently a B and im geting 500CC ... is my tattoo going to become distorted??> :( please say it will be fine!!! READ MORE

Is the distortion of the right breast capsular contracture? (photos)

I have consulted a surgeon ( prof) on April 1st this year, and his opinion was that the distortion is on account of a smaller size of the right chest... READ MORE

5 years post op, breast distortion after breast augmentation. Can it be corrected? (photos)

I'm 5 years post transaxillary breast aug. Don't love the results. Did not Adress the ptosis I wanted to correct but what bothers me more is the... READ MORE

How Soon Can I have a Revision? I am 6 days Post Op with a Distorted Result? (photos)

425cc to 350cc. Left breast is supple, moveable, natural looking, but right breast is painful, hard, squeezed to the upper pole, distorted looking.... READ MORE

My breasts are painful and oddly shaped. Could this be bottoming out or beginning in capsulation? (photos)

Weight 118 very fit. Had 350 gel round unfortunately became very hard 10 years. If not for pain... they just a little big. went with 285 high profile... READ MORE

Was it caused by my PS? Will fixing deformity also correct how broad my implants look around the top chest? (Photo)

I got a BA 4 years ago. I am 30 y/o, 5 ft, 120 lbs. I am very active, lifted weights much of my life(no chest now) and run daily. I have submusc... READ MORE

My breast implants look strange in the center. Is it muscle distortion? Can this be fixed? (photos)

Had saline implants switched to silicone 1 year ago. Over the past few months there is a very distinct change at the center of the implants. The shape... READ MORE

Subglandular Style 410 implants for thin/muscular build? (Photo)

I am planning to have breast augmentation soon. I want a more natural look, and would really prefer NOT to have implants sub muscular because I am... READ MORE

My areola scar looks very distorted. Please let me know if this is normal (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation surgery 6 months ago. I have taken good care of myself, I have been applying mederma twice a day. I am not happy with my... READ MORE

Can muscle repair and possible fat transfer help my distortion and give shape back to my breasts? (photos)

Only had implants(unders)for 4months, absolutely hated them, they were not for me.(7months post explant)I'm not concerned w/having huge breasts... READ MORE

I want a D small DD with nice cleavage but will it look too big for my profession? (photos)

Entrepreneur,DO, and mom of two adorable teenagers, my breast need no lift but are deflated to a small size 34 A. BWD12.5. I'm 5'2 and weight around... READ MORE

Six days post-op my surgeon performed a closed capsulotomy. Your thoughts?

He did.this 3 additional times. Painful procedure and my breasts became distorted and deformed in appearance. READ MORE

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