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Does Implant Displacement Exercises Risk More Scarring?

I am 2 weeks post op for breast augmentation. I have 350ccs mentor saline under muscle round variety. I was 34AA or 100ccs each side and am hoping for... READ MORE

What is the best route to fix lateral displacement of my right implant? (photos)

Would a pocket revision with sutures work or would adding Strattice or something similar be better? I also want to go larger. I am a 32d right now,... READ MORE

My right breast started moving towards my armpit, deformed, and sagging. Is it possible a rupture or displacement? (photos)

My right breast started moving towards my armpit, deform a little and sag a little bit. Breast and armpit area had a burning sensation as well as a... READ MORE

Pulled muscle after slipping & "catching myself" on countertop 6 days post op Breast Augmentation. Could I have damage it?

I immediately felt a searing pain in my right breast, from the center of my chest diagonally to around the top of my areola. It felt like my muscle... READ MORE

Why Does my Implant Feel Stuck?

My right breast developed fluid after 1 month, since then my breast is displaced; firm & sensitive to touch. My PS drained the fluid. The day... READ MORE

Lateral Displacement, Bottoming Out, Lift, and Downsizing. What would your recommended to correct my issues be? (photo)

I currently have 1100cc Mod+ saline implants under the muscle. I have been told that I need a lift in order to receive internal sutures to correct LD... READ MORE

I have a lateral displacement issue with my breast implants. I would like to get this problem corrected. Any suggestion? (photo)

I'm 37 & My implants are 14 years old. My right implant is going completely into my armpit and bottoming out hanging lower than the left breast. The... READ MORE

Good Or Bad Idea to Switch to Over-The-Muscle Implants After a Lift?

I had 480cc's of saline high profile implants placed under the muscle. However, I worry that when I go to the gym to work out, I'll have... READ MORE

What to do for lateral displacement? (photo)

I'm 6 months post op 400 mL silicone high profile under muscle. I have terrible lateral displacement on one side and can see sternum when laying down,... READ MORE

4 months post op, is this lateral displacement or my anatomy? (photos)

I got 350 cc HP saline, overfilled to 400ccs, submuscular. I lift weights along with other rigorous exercises. Initially they were both riding... READ MORE

My implants moves when massaging. Could this cause possible future implant displacement or capsular contracture issues? (photo)

Right breast (left in photo) has flattened and the implant is migrating towards the bottom right side. When massaging, the implant moves freely in the... READ MORE

3 months post op, I have uneven and lopsided breasts. Is this Lateral Displacement? (photos)

5’7”, 130lbs, 421cc mod+ in both, 3 months PO. 1. Happy with the appearance of my breasts INDIVIDUALLY when standing, but they do not match. Right is ... READ MORE

Do I Have Upward Displacement?

I had breast augmentation last year with silicone implants and postoperatively I did my breast exercises as instructed by my surgeon. HOwever, by 4-5... READ MORE

What should I do? Lateral displacement both breast and implant appears to be rotating...

I'm 5'4 108lbs with 400cc HP subfascia placed implants. I had lateral displacement both sides at six weeks. I am now 8 and my implant appears to be... READ MORE

I had my BA on 3rd September 2013 and I had 525cc unders. Do I have lateral displacement? (photo)

I had my BA on 3rd September 2013 and I had 525cc unders. I was borderline needing an uplift but my surgeon told me that if I went for the larger... READ MORE

Do I have lateral displacement? (Photo)

Top picture is before. 2nd picture is 1 month post up. 3rd picture is 2nd month post op(today). I have 625,640 saline implants. 11.9BWD I'm making an... READ MORE

Will I require further surgery to fix possible lateral displacement of breast implants? (photos)

550 cc silicone unders done 7/2014 with lollipop lift. Feels as though right implant is too far latetal and left has yet to fully drop into pocket.... READ MORE

Will lateral displacement get worse if left untreated? (Photo)

I had my BA (over the muscle) 18 mnths ago, no problems. Recently I have had an ache/burning sensation down the side of my right breast and now when I... READ MORE

Hot yoga after breast augmentation?

Hello I am 2 weeks post op and my doctor says my beasts look great and everything healed very well. He says I can do hot yoga now and I may go... READ MORE

Normal or lateral displacement? (Photo)

I am 10 weeks post-op and my breasts spread far apart when I'm lying down. Is this a normal amount or is this lateral displacement? I also have a... READ MORE

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