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How Long Before Surgery Are You to Abstain from Taking Pain Medication Such As Percoset? Is It 1 Week or 2 Weeks Before?

I am having my BA in 11 days and I just injured my eye!!! I have a corneal abrasion and was prescribed Percoset for the pain as no over the counter... READ MORE

I Took Less Pain Meds Than Suggested- Can This Negatively Affect My Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had a 450cc silicone sub-muscular breast augmentation six days ago and i'm still very sore and tight. I stopped taking pain medication two days... READ MORE

Stopping birth control before surgery for breast lift and implants (6 plus hours)?

My doctor said to stop birth control 2 weeka before surgery but that my hypothyroidism medicine was alright. They are both hormones and every time I... READ MORE

Ok, I Stopped my HRT Before Surgery. When Can I Start Taking Them Again?

Ok, Drs here convinced me to stop taking my HRT before surgery...but when can I start back on them again? READ MORE

Should I Discontinue Dietary Supplements And Laxatives Before Surgery?

I am currently taking The Cleaner and Oxy Elite Pro my surgery is in two weeks do i stop taking these? and i am also taking laxatives 3 times a week... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Take Methylprednisolone 1.5 Weeks Before a Breast Augmentation?

I have cold and flu without fever and my Physician gave me amoxicillin for 7 days three times daily and methylprednisolone for 6 days and my Surgeon... READ MORE

For Breast Augmentation, Should I Discontinue 1% Salicylic Acid Use?

I am scheduled to have breast augmentation surgery in three weeks. I currently use an acne medication that contains 1% salicylic acid. I apply it... READ MORE

Derma-fat-fascia transplants for breast augmentation?

Used in building up the breasts done by Morton I Berson in the 40's and 50's -- what happened to this method? Why is it discontinued? READ MORE

Diffuse rash from the hibiclens wash the day before my surgery. Is this common and will it delay BA?

I washed with the hibiclens and broke out in a rash a few minutes afterwards. I've discontinued and notified my surgeon but was informed he may cancel... READ MORE

Do I have to stop taking my birth control nexplanon 68mg since I am having a breast augmentation?

Do I have to stop taking my birth control nexplanon 68mg since I am having a breast augmentation on May 15th. My regular doctors said it was okay for... READ MORE

Follow-up Question - Pull up machine, are my Implants getting smaller and further apart?

Hi! I am 6 months post op. I have been using the assisted pull up machine at my gym. Am I imagining it or my implants getting smaller and somehow... READ MORE

I take Flexeril 10mg for muscle spasms as needed, should I stop taking them before my breast augmentation?

I am scheduled for breast augmentation surgery in 2 weeks. I do take Flexeril 10mg, as needed for muscle spasms, should I stay away from these until... READ MORE

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