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Increase Breast Sensitivity After Augmentation?

Hi, I had breast augmentation 3 weeks ago and since then I have my breast so sensitive to the touch, which make me so unconfortable. Is this normal,... READ MORE

Left Breast Pain

I had breast augmentation 2 months ago. Just the other day I had tripped and fallen down but my left wrist took most of my weight. However after the... READ MORE

Burning Sensation in Breasts 3 Years After Breast Augmentation?

I have a BA 3 years ago. I am now having Discomfort in both breasts. It is a burning sensation and it comes and goes. I also have other pain and weird... READ MORE

I have discomfort like a pressure on my right breast & behind the nipple that radiates in my arm & up to my hand.Is this normal?

The pain somehow radiates in the back on my right arm and up to the side of my hand. It feels like a muscular pain and painful pressure. It like a... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Bottoming Out!

I am 11 months post op and am worried I have slightly bottomed out. My right breast is lower than my left and feels heavy and uncomfortable! I am... READ MORE

Pulled muscle after slipping & "catching myself" on countertop 6 days post op Breast Augmentation. Could I have damage it?

I immediately felt a searing pain in my right breast, from the center of my chest diagonally to around the top of my areola. It felt like my muscle... READ MORE

Is it common to have an air bubble in stomach after BA?

I had my breast aug 5 days ago and for a few days now, while sitting/laying reclined, I feel this annoying air bubble on the left side of my stomach,... READ MORE

Nipple Stabbing and Breast Burning Pain After 24 Days Submuscular Breast Augmentation, Options?

Submuscular breast augmentation 24 days ago. I have a Mondors disease now & I'm having trouble managing my pain. I'm active & trying... READ MORE

Discomfort when I wake up in the morning post breast this normal?

I had a breast augmentation performed 4 weeks ago (behind the muscle). My right breast is fine 95 % of the time. However I feel discomfort or pressure... READ MORE

Extreme Pain in Right Shoulder/Breast 1 Month Post This Normal?

Got breast aug March 9th, silicone under the muscle. My dr. gave me the go ahead and I went back to yoga after 1 month. I felt a sharp pain and had... READ MORE

Can I Feel the Implant Moving?

4 days post augmentation and recovery has been excellent. Trying to maintain movement and flexibility since Day 1 doing full range arm movements,... READ MORE

I'm Afraid I May Have Moved my Breast Implant or Done Something Wrong?

I had breast augmentation 3 weeks ago. About 2 days ago I thought it would be ok to do some light weight upper body lifting(5-10 lbs) and no direct... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Breast Augmentation, I have this sharp pain under one breast. Is this normal?

About 3 weeks post op BA 660cc in the left and 680cc in the right, saline under the muscle. My breast look wonderful, I am very happy. My left breast... READ MORE

Swelling and Discomfort After Breast Augmentation

I'm 5 ft 2 ins and had 300 cc saline implants almost a week now. I am still swollen and uncomfortable. Should I have them removed? READ MORE

After hematoma, is this normal? (photos)

I had breast augmentation...(silicone"gummy bear", 500cc HP, Weight: 125, Height: 5'5, before BA my breast 32-34A-B...I had hematoma in my left... READ MORE

Pricking sensation in my breasts is it normal?

I had a breast augmentation 17 days ago and I am still experiencing quite a bit of pain and discomfort. I am due back at work this week as a district... READ MORE

I Had my Breast Done 3 Years Ago, when I Wear a Bra Its Uncomfortable?

As time goes on the issue gets worse, it went from just a bra irritating it, to a sports bra, to a bikini and now even with nothing on i can feel this... READ MORE

Aching and pulling between breasts. 2 wks post op. 310cc overs. Is this normal? (photos)

2 wks post op. Incisions perfectly healed. Have tenderness around the sides but not needing pain relief. Discomfort in the area between my breasts has... READ MORE

5 days post op, is incision pain normal?

It's been almost 5 days since my operation. I'm not really getting any pain or discomfort other than a sharp stabbing pain in my left incision. It's... READ MORE

I Had Augmentation & Lift 3 Years Ago. Experienced Capsular Tear, And Still Have Discomfort. What To Do?

I had augmentation, under muscle, Mentor, with lift, 430 cc about 3 years ago. September 2011 I woke up with 70% of my right breast bruised. It was... READ MORE

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