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Are my Breasts Fully Developed?

I just turned 18 last week and I want to get breast implants. The thing I'm concerned about is that I'm not sure if my breasts are fully developed. I... READ MORE

Can One Breast Stop Developing While the Other Continues to Grow?

I have always had slightly asymmetrical breasts but as I approached adolescence my breasts have become more different in size and shape. Though... READ MORE

Teen with uneven breast development

I have a daughter that is 14 years old, she got her first period in January and has uneven breasts. Her left is A cup and her right is AA cup. I dont... READ MORE

I'm 16 yrs old. What Breast development stage am I in?

I am 16years old in 3 months ill turn 17 and well my breasts are not round like other girls, for example when my nipples are soft my boobs are pointy... READ MORE

What's Wrong with my Breasts? (photo)

Hello, I'm 18 years old and my breasts look really strange,really not like normal breasts look! They are not round,they are kind of conical and very... READ MORE

Normal To Get Capsular Contracture 1 Week Post BA? (photo)

I received breast surgery on Jan. 20,2011, i developed a capsular contracture immediately. By the first week of Feb the cc was extremely noticable and... READ MORE

I'm 19 years old girl. My problem is my boobs have not developed into fully mature breast. What can I do to get them to grow?

They are still forming.. When will my breast develope fully? What can I do to get them to grow or develope. READ MORE

Are my breasts underdeveloped? (photos)

I'm 22 next month, breasts have barely grown from my teens. They don't look normal to me and aren't Inkeeping with the rest of my family who have been... READ MORE

I am now 20 and my breast still look like they haven't fully developed?

I want them to look normal. I would like to find a natural way to make my boobs round out maybe grow a little but if not then i am considering surgery... READ MORE

I'm 18 years old and believe that I have tuberous breast, but I am unsure. Are they likely to develop more? (Photo)

.Is there any chance that my breast will continue to develop and become more round and fuller? READ MORE

What can be done about under-developed breast?

Hello. I am a 27 yr old female that never developed breast. I recently went to the doctor and she told me that this issue should have been handle at... READ MORE

Are my breasts underdeveloped? 22 years old (Photo)

I am 22, 93-96 pounds 5'3. 32a. most of the members in myfamily are c or d cups and i am an a cup. my diet is horrible. i eat 1-2 meals a day with one... READ MORE

Are my breasts underdeveloped and oddly shaped? What else is noticeably wrong with them? Procedures I need to consider? (Photo)

I am 18, 157 lbs, pear shaped, and my huge insecurity are my breasts I think they are small, saggy, lack volume, and are far apart I come from a line... READ MORE

Do Breast Enhancing Pumps Cause Scar Tissue to Develop?

I want to use a breast enhancing pump. I plan to get implants in 12 months. Do you think a breast pump can cause scar tissue to develop? READ MORE

Why is it a common characteristic that constricted breasts don't have much volume to them? What causes the underdevelopment?

Do they have trouble holding onto fat because of the constriction itself? What causes the underdevelopment? I am tired of hearing it is just a shape.... READ MORE

Are my breasts deformed or underdeveloped? (Photo)

I'm 20 years old and so self conscious about my chest . Between the way the bone appears to petrude and the shape and size of breasts I can't help but... READ MORE

Are my breasts normal? (Photo)

My breasts are very small and always have been. Also widely spaced. I feel as if they are underdeveloped cor some reason. Alsi my nipples are wierd... READ MORE

Can glandular fever during puberty affect breast development? (photo)

When I was 14 I had glandular fever. I am now 18 and have (to my belief from research) tuberous slightly. breasts. One more so than the other. One is... READ MORE

Extremely small, possibly underdeveloped breasts.

I am 17, 4 months away from being 18. I started my period at 14.5 years of age. the only change I have seen in my breasts is that "bud" behind the... READ MORE

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