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Im So Depressed and Crying Since the 5th Day Post Op of BA (Gen Anesthesia),how Long Will This Last?

I Had my BA july 19, on july 24 i started feeling depressed,crying. Im so depressed until now. Is this a side effect of the general anesthesia? I've... READ MORE

Is it normal to get depression after breast augmentation that didn't meet your expectations? (Photo)

I was 32 AA. I got 350cc silicone- hig profile. I am a week pos. I wanted to get a C cup with 375-400cc implants but my doctor didnt want to because... READ MORE

Desperate. Crying, with strong headache and depression because small breast implants. TOO SMALL. (photos)

They don't look like a C cup. I choose a board certified surgeon. I did breast augmentation transaxillary incision. I told my surgeon that I want... READ MORE

Can I get my wife's plastic surgeon to redo her BA for free (his mistake)?

My wife got a BA in 8/2013. She wanted 300-350 over the muscle exercise but her PS told her that under the muscle 400 cc was better and that she can... READ MORE

Can i have my breast reduction reversed?

I had a reduction when i was 18, im now 38 married with 4 children but my breasts are mainly loose skin now i suffer from depression and this is... READ MORE

Are my current Breast Augmentation results going to change also am I experiencing " boobie blues" ? (photos)

I am three weeks post, have experienced some depression and lack of self confidence since my first week of surgery? I feel like I have some unevenness... READ MORE

Feelings of Depression and Anxiety after BA. Could this be to do with the medication/twilight aesthetic?

I am now 10 weeks post op after undergoing a BA where they used twilight anaesthetic. I was on Panedine Fort and Endone to treat pain post op.... READ MORE

What to expect with Post Operative Depression?

I'm about one week out from my breast augmentation surgery and EXTREMELY happy with my doctor and results. In the last day or so I've been crying... READ MORE

Mother of two unhappy with her image taking a big step, will I regret this? (Photos)

415 CC MP procedure was 3-9-1 I am trying to stay positive and see that this was a change I needed I had lost myself in marriage,motherhood,aging and... READ MORE

I have never developed breasts. Can I have surgery? (Photo)

I'm 28 years old and have a 9 year old child but I never developed breasts and couldn't breast feed as next to no milk was produced. If my only option... READ MORE

Can someone tell me what this indentation/depression is or caused by? (photos)

I'm very upset that I cannot change my review here. My breasts are low, flat and floppy. Now they are migrating toward my armpits and I have an... READ MORE

Is previous history of depression and self harm a contraindication to breast augmentation?

I was diagnosed a year ago with depression and prescribed antidepressants which I am still taking. The cosmetic surgery provider cancelled my... READ MORE

I paid for a breast aug and mastopexy in 02/2017. When I woke up, I learned the mastopexy was not performed, any suggestions?

This has been very difficult for me to deal with. I now have uneven, droopy breasts and my nipples point in different directions. I have suffered... READ MORE

Would Ohip help pay to reconstruct my breast after weight loss?

I have been very over most of my life. Recently went from a DD40 to 36 A ( barely an A cup) it is affecting me severely emotionally as not only are... READ MORE

Are there any surgeons who are willing to fix a deflated breast aug pro bono or at a greatly reduced rate?

Ive been suffering from physical and psychological pain from this deformation for a year. My family cannot afford corrective surgery. I am greatly... READ MORE

Prescription pills before and after surgery, is it safe?

Hi I'm having breast augmentation done in a month. The only prescription I'm taking are levoxil ( I have hypothyroidism) and Zoloft 100 mg for anxiety... READ MORE

Could I have FFS and breast augmentation if I take Akineton (Biperiden)?

Hi, I am currently taking Akineton (Biperiden)(4mg) for muscle twitching, and I was just wondering will this be a problem to have the surgery? The... READ MORE

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