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How do I find a surgeon that specializes with tubular breast deformity?

After researching I found out that there was a reason I was miserable about the way my breasts looked. I have a minor/mild case of tbd. I've been... READ MORE

Will 450cc 500 cc Above the Muscle Make My Breasts Look Fake?

I am wanting breast implants but since i have a minor deformity to my breast not much skin below the nipple my surgeon said I have to have over the... READ MORE

Are my Breasts Deformed? Tubular? (photo)

Hello I'm 28, I have always felt my breasts are strange looking compared to other people's! I feel deformed and I think I will chose to undergo... READ MORE

I Think It`s Windowshading - Can I Switch from Unders to Split-muscle Technique Now? Any Risks? (photo)

3 mnths post op, 355cc unders. My left breast has no visible crease, there`s a muscle behind the skin on the inner bottom part of it, which is very... READ MORE

My breasts look disfigured when I perform everyday tasks. Should I switch to a sub glandular position to correct this? (photos)

BA 2 years ago. 5.2, 115 lbs. Silicone 300 and 325 cc under muscle. My breasts become severely disfigured even with slightest muscle flex, when I'm... READ MORE

My areola are larger than average. Do I have tubular breast? (photos)

I've always known my areolas were larger than average but have recently discovered tubular breast .. do I have this deformity or are my breast just... READ MORE

Worried About Drainage and Spitting Stitches Post Breast Surgery

On 11/9/11 I had surgery on my breasts due to a congenital deformity. I had a reduction on the right breast and a silicone implant placed in the left... READ MORE

Do I have tuberous breast deformity? (photo)

I don't want huge but for sure a big change in shape, I've always been super self conscious and never even knew that this was a possible deformity... READ MORE

Can my breast animation deformity be fixed and is it worth trying to fix? Do I go to the same doctor? (photos)

I had my augmentation 3 years ago. When talking with my doctor about the augmentation I told him that I workout alot and that it is a big part of my... READ MORE

Animation deformity - how common is it?

Hi there! I am a very active, fit 46 year-old who is slender. I am currently a 32A size bra, and am thinking about getting an augmentation with... READ MORE

I believe that I have tuberous breast deformity. What should be done to fix them? (Photo)

I believe that I got tbd genetically, my mother had it and she got implants at 17 but now after 4 kids her implants only made her tbd bigger and worse... READ MORE

Split Muscle vs Dual Plane? (Photo)

I've breastfed 4 children and am done having children. I'm getting ready, 6 days pre-op, to have round silicone implants placed subpectoraly. I am... READ MORE

Are my pictures showing a "double bubble" problem? (photos)

When I lift my arms, you can see where the pec muscle and implant aren't smooth and look seperate from each other. I am 4 months post-op and they used... READ MORE

Deformity Under Breast, What Do You Think is My Problem? (photo)

I had BA 6/1/12 Submuscular 650cc sil. HP. Was c cup before I got capsular contracture in left, & had scar tissue attached from old crease to... READ MORE

3 months post op Breast Augmentation, am I developing double bubble? (photos)

I am 3 months PO from BA surgery. My right breast is a little lower than the left. I can feel the bottom of the implant just along the incision area.... READ MORE

Periareolar Incision scars & Animation Deformity. Is this common? (Photo)

I had 275cc mod profile + silicone unders 2.5 months ago and hate my incision scars. Also under the left nipple I can feel some lumpiness. He said it... READ MORE

I'm almost 16 wks post-op what can be done to fix the beginning of this one sided pectoral deformity. (photo)

About 4 wks ago I was laying down ; I reached my arm at about a 45 degree angle over my head to pick something up of the end table. I immediately felt... READ MORE

I am 20 years old. Can I receive silicone implants if I have tuberous breasts, even though I'm under 22? (photos)

I know the FDA has banned the use of silicone in patients under 22, but I have read that that is usually looked over if the patient has a congenital... READ MORE

Do I have tuberous breasts or are they just ugly? (photos)

I'm 19 and I've always been jealous of girls with full, round breasts and angry that I've been short changed with these flat cones for boob's. I've... READ MORE

Deformity, Tuberous Breast? (photo)

I have my breasts wide apart and I want to have surgery with 350cc silicone gel implant - high profile Nagor, My weight 54 kg height 1.68m Submuscular... READ MORE

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