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Breast Augmentation and Areola Reduction?

Hi :) I am going to be getting breast augmentation done soon. I am currently a lovely deflated C thanks to my two lovely breast fed children. What I... READ MORE

I Am Going from a C to a D or DD. Had 3kids And Breast Are a Little Deflated, What Do You Reccomend? (photo)

I have had 3 kids, not having any more. I am a small deflated c cup, I would like a large d cup or DD. What do you recommend? How does it effect... READ MORE

Can I Get Large Implants to Avoid Lift? (photo)

Hi, I'm wanting to end up in the 34f range. Ive breast fed 2 children so I'm pretty saggy/deflated/very sad looking. Is there a way to avoid... READ MORE

How Many CC's to Achieve This Look? (photo)

Hi there. This is my booby idol Holly Peers. Shes about a 32F. The largest ive been pre pregancy was 32DD breast feeding 34E. Im a sad deflated 32C... READ MORE

Deflated Breasts! I Am Currently an A Cup Hoping to Be a Large D. Do I Need a Lift?

About 4 months ago I quit breastfeeding my second and final baby. I have completely lost all of my breast volume. I am considering a 600cc silicone... READ MORE

Above Muscle Silicone Implants After Breastfeeding; Breast Sag, Ripple, Are Soft. What to Do? (photo)

Hi doctors, I had a BA in 2006. After kids my breasts became deflated, with stretched skin.My ps decided for an over the muscle BA with textured... READ MORE

My breasts are too soft. Any suggestions?

I'm a 22 year old woman and my breasts are too soft. I am about 100lbs and a 30C. I've always wanted smaller breasts, but the size of my breasts is... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Implants at Same Time?

I am 5'6, 131 pounds about a deflated 36 c. I know I need a vertical lift (told so by more than one ps). the size of implant I want will most likely... READ MORE

How can I improve my deflated breast without implants? (photos)

I want to have plump firmer breast without having implants. Is there a surgery for me? Possible fat transfer? READ MORE

What Type of Implant to Get? My Doctor Says Low Profile Is For Me, Will I Get Any Projection?

I am going to get a lift wth implant. My ps is suggesting mentor low profile due to breast width of 14cm. I am currently a 36D but very delfated and... READ MORE

Should I Get a Breast Augmentation with Lift or is Augmentation Enough?

I went to STRAX in South Florida and i have mixed feelings. I am 27 years old 120lbs and never had kids. They said i should get both a lift and... READ MORE

Breast Lift, Implant? (photo)

I'm 22, 4'11, 128 lbs with a deflated D cup. Prepregnancy weight was 115lbs with a full B cup. I think my breast tissue was destroyed from pregnancy... READ MORE

I Am Very Confused About What Implants to Get? 41, 5'5", 122LBS With Deflated C Cups? (photo)

I am 41, 5.5 and I am 122 pounds. I was always a slender woman with large breasts. I was a 34 DD, and have trained for competitions which brought me... READ MORE

How to Achieve Fake Look Without HUGE Implants/breasts? (photo)

Getting anchor lift plus implants 12/17. I am 5'7", 148lbs. I would like the "round, obviously augmented". 34D naturally EXTREMELY deflated. I don't... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, I got 200cc and went from 32A to 32C. Will my size get smaller? (photos)

Dear Doctors, I started with a deflated A (36 years old, breastfed). I'm slender and athletic, so I asked for just a fuller look and both doctors I... READ MORE

Conflicting Opinions From 5 Surgeons. How to Get Perky C in My Case? (photo)

I am confused by conflicting opinions from Doctors over my sagging boobs. I'm 5' 3", 118#'s, mother of 2, age 40. I've always had asymetrical breasts,... READ MORE

Forty Year Old Mom of Two and Considering Breast Augmentation. Best Options for Getting Some? (photo)

Hello... After two children and training for a marathon, the girls are, ahem, somewhat deflated. I'd like to have them filled back up but not so big... READ MORE

Deflated and needing implants: Do I also need a breast lift? (photo)

I definitely want implants as I feel deflated. I am torn on the breast lift. I've seen 4 dr's. 2 dr's said I needed the lollipop lift. One dr said I... READ MORE

Is it normal to have stretch marks and saggy boobs at 12 years of age?

I started developing at 10 and it really hard to find a bra size I have many stretch marks around my breasts and they look deflated my breasts have... READ MORE

38B 15CM Deflated Wanting 38D/38DD Range Wants Natural Results Not Lift! 5'4 165 Pics Attached No Now and What I'd Like? (photo)

5'4 164 lost 100+ lbs boobs deflated/weird. Diff consults VERY confused they agree to: Mentro 450-550cc smooth round silicon- disagree on profile! I... READ MORE

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