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Why is One Nipple Darker?

I had breast explantation with periolar lift three weeks ago, everything is going well but the only thing that worries me is that one of the nipple... READ MORE

Dark Scars at 5.5 Months Post Op?

My breast augmentation scars, located in the crease, are flat but still very dark and noticeable at 5.5 months out. They don't seem to have lightened... READ MORE

My girlfriend used to be fat and her boobs & nipples shrink after a lose weight surgery, is it normal? (photos)

My gf used to be fat and her boobs and nipples get smaller after a surgery she have did to lose weight and the nipples & areola get darker and shrink... READ MORE

Some of my breast scars are coloured black. Is this normal?

One year ago, I had a breast augmentation with a full anchor lifting with replacing my nipples. 8 months later after op i get pregnant. now i am 30... READ MORE

What are the dark marks on the sides of my boobs 2 1/2 months post Breast Augmentation? (photos)

I am 2 1/2 months post opp and ever since my operation I have had these dark marks on the side of my boobs. At first I figured they were bruises since... READ MORE

Why is my nipple darker after peri-aerola lift on left side, and will it ever lighten and fade to match the right side? (photos)

4 weeks ago I had 375cc silicone implant under muscle on right, and 300cc with peri-aerola lift on left to create symmetry. My left aerola is now... READ MORE

10 days post op and that's how the scars are looking like. (photos)

Is that normal? I am a bit worried as they're very dark and especially the left side is a bit scary. Please can you share your thoughts or experience.... READ MORE

8 months post op, my left breast is very sore & scars are very dark. No redness or discharge. Is this normal?

I had an breast augmentation and lift March 2014 and then got pregnant 1st week of April. Lately my left breast (I had saline implants) has been... READ MORE

Could I have optimal results with only an implant? (photo)

I used to have full D-cup breasts, until I lost 12kg this year (I am 27). Result is that i lost fullness and have some excess skin and a bit of... READ MORE

Should Anything Be Done About Lumps from Fat Grafting in my Chest Above Implants?

Had a double mastectomy with fat grafting to fill in area above implants. Six months later numerous hard oval lumps have appeared that ultrasound show... READ MORE

Wound under breast not healing for 2 months. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a breast lift 11 years ago. Two months ago I noticed dark veins u der the nipple of my right breast which turned into a wound that is not... READ MORE

Early sign of bottoming out? (photos)

My PS lowered the crease on my right breast and now it looks like it might be starting to bottom out. I can't tell if it's just the darkness of the... READ MORE

I have tuberous breasts. Is there a way to fix them naturally through exercise or will surgery be the only option? (photos)

My nipples are a little darker due to pregnancy at the moment but the areola has always been pointed out. READ MORE

Dark around my nipple after BA post op 10 days. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hello. I wanted to know if is normal that is dark around my (right breast) also my left breast is more swollen. No pain just burning sensation... READ MORE

The incisions from my breast lift and augmentation are still dark. Why is that? (photos)

I had my breast augmentation and lift on January 13th and I am almost 7 months post op. I found out I am pregnant shortly after. I had Saline implants... READ MORE

Are scars too wide and too dark? I got high profile 300 cc implants 11 months ago. (photos)

In a month I am getting my 2nd surgery since my breast are too small and i dont like them but the doctor said he couldn't fit anything bigger since my... READ MORE

I noticed this purple blister underneath my my right breast by the tape line. Could it be an infection? (photos)

I got my breasts done 5 days ago and noticed this purple blister last night it got bigger and darker over night. I'm so scared so I go the hospital?... READ MORE

Will my veins settle? (photos)

I had 295cc over the muscle tear drop textured implants 9 weeks ago. My veins are so dark and noticeable since implants. Will they fade?? READ MORE

Infection in right breast 6 weeks post Breast Augmentation, advice? (photos)

Hello, I had breast augmentation 6 weeks ago. Last week noticed it was dark red around incision. I been on antibiotics since last Wednesday. Today I... READ MORE

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