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2 Weeks After Breast Augmentation, Could I Have Done Damage Laying on My Side?

Last night I was sleeping on my side and it started to hurt so I moved to my back. I wanted to know if I could have damaged my implant. My breast... READ MORE

1 day post op and I accidentally got my bandages really wet. Did I damage due to water going through?

I had a full bag of ice on my breasts one day post opp. I was told not to get them wet and the bag leaked in full and I didn't notice. I have blow... READ MORE

My Husbad Hit my Breast With His Foot And They Feel Softer, Could He Have Damaged Results?

My Husbad Hit my Breast With His Foot And They Feel Softer, Could He Have Damaged Results? READ MORE

Can raising your heart rate post breast augmentation cause serious complications? (photos)

Today marks 9 days post BA, second surgery, first BA was a year ago. I recently had larger implants put in. I did 440cc under the muscle inframammory... READ MORE

Broken Capillaries on Breasts After Implants- Could These Damage My Results?

I am 6 weeks postop and in the past week I am starting to develop LOTS of little dark broken capillaries (spidel like veins) on my breasts, all over.... READ MORE

Is it Normal to Feel Tingling and Sharp Pains After Getting Hit on Your Boob Implant?

I had a little accident . i was carryng some mirros when all of tje sudden they slipped from my hands. i tried saveing them, my first reaction was... READ MORE

Is it ok to masturbate 4 days after breast augmentation surgery?

Hi I had my surgery four days ago now, I know it's too early to have sex but is it too early to masturbate? Would I cause any damage? Thanks READ MORE

Is the Noogleberry as safe as Brava? Can either of these pumps cause damage to the breasts?

Can either of these pumps cause damage to the breasts? Can you get blood clotting or tissue death? Thanks. READ MORE

Will I get my good posture back after Breast Augmentation?

I noticed that since my BA, Ive been very restricted in stretching my back. My shoulders are more forward now (hunchback) and whenever I try to... READ MORE

My PS told me to start wearing push-up bras so today I'm driving with my new bra. Hit a big bump on road - damage? (Photo)

I feel really silly for asking this question but like I mentioned above I was told to go and get fitted and start wearing a push-up bra's and I did so... READ MORE

I have capsular contracture. How long do I have before I have to get it removed? Is it damaging to my body to keep it in?(photo)

Mod+silicone 371CC 32B->32D. My PS told me to do compression massages to help with my CC, but now I am leaking clear liquid on my left breast when... READ MORE

Could damage have been done after receiving a very painful bear hug at 1.5 weeks post-op breast augmentation?

I had my BA surgery 11 days ago. 350 cc silicone, under the muscle. Today at work, someone surprised me with a huge bear hug – my arms were above my h... READ MORE

Dancing lightly at a wedding 16 days post Breast augmentation - Have I caused any damage?

I've had my BA on the 9th of jan, and I went to a wedding yesterday (25th), so just over 2 weeks post BA. My recovery so far has been very smooth, and... READ MORE

Will popping pimples on breast implants cause damage?

Hello I've undergone breast augmentation about 4 months ago, I've had silicone gel subglandular. I've developed some pimples and I've popped them will... READ MORE

On day 4 post op I got a bear hug, now my right breast is tighter and harder than my left. Could the hug have caused damage?

BA was 12 days ago, my right is tighter and harder than my left. On day 4 post op, an old friend surprised me by giving me a bear hug (they were... READ MORE

Can I lose my breast implant do to straining while taking bowel movement I've had them for one week no pain just curious?

I went for Bowel movement and I strained a few times no pain or bruising just curious that I might have bust a stitch or something will it cause my... READ MORE

Can using my arms too much right after a Breast Augmentation cause serious problems? (Photo)

I am a very independent person so it has been hard asking my boyfriend to do every little thing for me since surgery. I know I am not supposed to, but... READ MORE

Will lifting heavy during chest press exercise ruin my implants over time?

I have had implants for over 5 years with no issues, the last two years I started weight training, still no issues. The last few months I started... READ MORE

I struck my right breast by accident with my fist, could this have caused damage? (Photo)

I am 11 weeks BA post op. I have had this mild on and off inner pain.. Like a faint ache feeling. READ MORE

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