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Will my Implant Drop Into the Pocket?

I am 3 weeks post op from having a breast augmentation. I was a small B and they were low and very loose. I am 5'9 and went with saline under the... READ MORE

Areola Scar Correction After Breast Augmentation and Lift

Are there any procedures like skin grafts for correcting breast augmentation scars? I got implants a year ago, and my doctor did a crescent lift. The... READ MORE

After Breast Augmentation, One Breast is Larger Than the Other?! Please Advise. (photo)

Augmentation 2 months ago, 425 silicone under muscle. Looks like the left one is bigger now. I was not told one breast was larger during consult or... READ MORE

Crescent Lift with Bigger Implants, is this the best way to go?

After viewing Dr.Ray's before and after pictures from 90210, he gets fabulous results with just a crescent lift and bigger implants if you have... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my Outer Lining of the Areola, to Turn Dark 2 Days After BA?

I really need help on this one, my doc is on vacation...and i wont be going to PS office till mondsy. thats 2 more days. I'm really worried about... READ MORE

Deflated and needing implants: Do I also need a breast lift? (photo)

I definitely want implants as I feel deflated. I am torn on the breast lift. I've seen 4 dr's. 2 dr's said I needed the lollipop lift. One dr said I... READ MORE

Is This Done "Crescent Lift" Done Correctly? My Dr. Seems to Think This is Acceptable (photo)

After I politely expressed my concerns,& asked if we could fix it.I also stated how it's starting to make me feel self conscious but all he had to... READ MORE

2 Months Post-op Breast Augmentation/Lift: Pink Bruise on Lower Pole, Normal? (photo)

I am about 2 months post-op breast augmentation with crescent lift. After surgery I had lots of red and yellow bruises on my breasts, which have all... READ MORE

Areola Cut Too Small During Mastoplexy?

I had breast implants with crescent lift along with areola reduction of one. Explanted two weeks later due to size variation in breast. Just wasn't... READ MORE

Everyone Seems to Be Against the Crescent Lift :( Please Help Me This Should Be Enjoyable but I'm Just Sad? (photo)

I never cared too much about my breast being asymmetric until I went in for a consultation for a BA. First Dr said he will do an internal bra,Then I... READ MORE

Transaxillary Breast Augmentation with Crescent Lift? (photo)

Is this even possible? I love the idea of the transexillary incision for implants mostly because of the scaring issue. I was told that I would need a... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Capsular Contracture So Soon?

Its been 14 days since my surgery, silicone implants over the muscle with a crescent and crease left on one side. My recovery has been excellent but... READ MORE

Tubular Deformity - Crescent Lift or....? (photo)

Hi! I have seen two PS&both gave me the same plan, except for the type of lift I should receive. Dr 1 - 500 cc implant w/ a lollipop lift Dr 2 -... READ MORE

Is a Crescent Lift the Most Appropriate Treatment? (photo)

I am planning a breast augmentation, and have met with 2 doctors. Both recommended 450-500cc to fill out my breasts, and stated they will not look too... READ MORE

I definitely want implants as I feel deflated. Do I Need a Breast Lift?

I definitely want implants as I feel deflated. I am torn on the breast lift. I've seen 4 dr's. 2 dr's said I needed the lollipop lift. One dr said I... READ MORE

3 weeks post op of Breast Augmentation, my breast seems too big for me. Are my breasts still swollen?

I'm freaking out . I'm 5'6 155 lbs and just had a crescent lift, internal lift and breast augmentation . 400 cc saline implants. I am wondering if I'm... READ MORE

Would PTFE sutures keep my incision from widening or separating? (Photo)

How often can the cresent breast lift be performed and how can I keep the incision site nice without widening? I have used the silicone scar sheets... READ MORE

Saw a plastic surgeon. He recommended a crescent lift just to correct symmetry of breasts. Will it work for me? (Photo)

I've read controversial advice on the crescent lift though. All I want is better symmetry between nipples/breasts. He measured and said there's 2cm... READ MORE

Crescent lift with implant or subfascial implant? (Photo)

I have met with many surgeons and have narrowed it down to 2 but with that said they have different opinions. I am a 40 year old mother of 3 with... READ MORE

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