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Is It Okay That the Steri Strips Aren't Fully Covering my Ba Incisions? (photo)

I noticed today (day 6 post op) that I have a burning sensation in both of my crease incisions of my BA. I took a hand mirror and peaked at them and... READ MORE

I have Poland Syndrome - Will my insurance cover that?

I want to get this operation done but i dont just have 7 thousands dollars - I have medical will they help with that due to it being a birth defect READ MORE

Will OHIP cover breast asymmetry correction? (photos)

Ever since puberty I have struggled with the sight of my breast, I dont want to look in the mirror, I am self concious of my boyfriend seeing them and... READ MORE

Funding for tuberous breast correction. Any options? Vancouver BC canada

Hello, been seeking a while now for away to fund my corrective surgery for my tuberous breasts. I live in Canada BC as well as on welfare with two... READ MORE

Is tubular breasts surgery partially covered by insurance or no?

I seem to have tubular and unequal breasts which causes low self esteem and being uncomfortable in clothing and bras and being extremely self... READ MORE

Will insurance cover breast augmentation after I had pectus excavatum? Breasts are not the same.

In 2013 I had the Ravitch Procedure preformed on me to correct my pectus excavatum. The surgery went without a hitch, and the doctor did an amazing... READ MORE

Do you take medicaid or medicare for Breast Augmentation? (photos)

I want my breast to be a double c do you thing my medicaid or medicare with cover them because that is all i have READ MORE

How Long Before You Can Cover Closed Breast Augmentation Incisions with Cosmetic Makeup?

I have recently had a breast augmentation (9 days ago to be exact), in the crease of my breasts and have been told my stitches will dissolve by... READ MORE

Does OHIP cover breast implants for tuberous breast deformity? And how much would it be without insurance?

It is my understanding that tuberous breast deformity is considered a congenital deformity and therefore covered under OHIP. Is it or is it not... READ MORE

Can Fsa Be Used for a Person Born with Moderate Asymetrical Breast?

I have had moderate asymetric breast since i was about twelve would my fsa cover a vertical breast lift with no implant just to correct this thanks n... READ MORE

Breast aug today and one if my incisions is bleeding in the corner and isn't covered. Is this ok? (photos)

I had my breast augmentation this afternoon and I just got up and checked on them in the mirror and the corner of one of my incisions (right side)... READ MORE

Do I have Tubular Breast? And will Medicaid pay? (photos)

Hello I was wondering if my breast are tubular? And I wanted to know if medicaid will cover it and how does that process work? I have no confidence... READ MORE

I have my first BA consultation coming up quickly! What are some questions I should be asking?

I have started a list, but want to make sure I cover everything that the Doctor might not mention. Thanks! READ MORE

Will Medicaid cover breast augmentation?

Will Medicaid cover breast augmentation? After breastfeeding my breasts became very deformed And my nipple are so painful and I have constant pains in... READ MORE

Considering breast augmentation but worried about future health care coverage issues. Have you seen this issue with patients?

I have my 1st consultation in a week. I know health ins. doesn't cover BA surgery but I'm worried about the future. Heaven forbid I develop breast... READ MORE

Can I wear a light bikini pad inside my surgical bra?

I had my BA a week ago and tomorrow I'll go back to work. Since my boobs are still a bit pointy, can I wear a light foam bikini pad inside my surgical... READ MORE

What all does BLIS cosmetic insurance cover for BA?

I have made the decision to purchase BLIS coverage for my BA; however, I would like to know what all it covers and how long should I purchase coverage... READ MORE

Is it normal that my insurance company approved augmentation on one breast after two biopsies ruined my left breast?

I had to have two biopsies on my left breast because of an intraductal papilloma and the after effects are very obvious. I am grateful for any type of... READ MORE

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