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How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

What is the approximate cost of breast augmentation surgery? READ MORE

Where Can I Find More Affordable Breast Augmentation?

I had a partial hysterectomy 11 months ago and due to hormonal changes and no longer taking birth control, my breast size has gotten so much smaller.... READ MORE

How do you pay for plastic surgery? Payment Plans for Breast Augmentation?

How do you pay for plastic surgery? I am getting Breast Augmentation eventually, but I don't know if you can pay little by little or if I should... READ MORE

Going Bigger After First Breast Augmentation

I just got Saline breast implants 16 days ago. I am 24 years old, 5'1 in height and weighs 100 lbs. Before, I was about a 34A but could fit into a 32B... READ MORE

I Have a Stitch Left from my Implants a Year Ago.

I got silicone implants a year ago. It wasn't made in this country. I notice 3 stitches(two in one breast an one inthe other). My regular doctor... READ MORE

How Much Does a Natural Breast Augmentation Cost?

I just had a baby and my breast are not the same. Are they permanent and how big can you actually go? READ MORE

Can Breast Augmentation Be Used Instead of Breastlift for Small Sagging Breasts?

Basically there are two things that I don't like about my breasts. 1) I've always had very big areolas. 2) I've lost 66 pounds and my... READ MORE

Round-2 Boob Job Cost

It's been a few years since I had my initial breast augmentation and I've always wished I'd gone a little bigger (ie instead of... READ MORE

Best Procedures for Fixing Tuberous Breasts

I'm 16 and I'm pretty sure I have tuberous breasts. I hate them so much. I need to know how much it would cost to fix my breasts and what surgery?... READ MORE

Will Tuberous Breasts Dramatically Affect Breast Augmentation Cost?

Would a price range from $5,000 to $8,000 be reasonable? READ MORE

What is the Typical Cost for Breast Augmentation in Buffalo, NY?

So far I have been to three surgeons and can't find one for various reasons. I am now going on my fourth consult and hate having to wait two... READ MORE

Getting Insurance to Pay for Augmentation of Massively Asymmetrical Breasts

I'm not sure if this is the correct website for this question, but I was wondering how to get insurance to pay for some or all of the cost of breast... READ MORE

Is This Capsular Contracture? If So, What "Baker" Grade? How Long to Take Singular?

Surgery 1-27-2011.Told Dr about firm breast at 4 mos postop, again at 5 mos postop.Singular scrip at 5 mos, no improvement at 6 mos appt.Is this... READ MORE

Do Most Surgeons Charge a Consultation Fee for Breast Augmentation?

What is the expected cost for a breast augmentation consultation? READ MORE

How much is the total cost of Breast Augmentation in California?

I'm 23 years old hoping to get Silicone Breast Implants by next year, if my saving stays constant I should be able to raise around $3,300 and I'm... READ MORE

Average Cost of Anesthesia for Breast Augmentation?

I have my consultation on Wednesday and I'm trying to figure out how much the average cost of general anesthesia is because I think I'm just... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation for $4,000?

Is it possible to find a surgeon whose qualified to preform a Breast augmentation for $4,000.00? I am in desperate need of this surgery. READ MORE

Capsular Contracture, Leaking Fluid 11 Months After Breast Augmentation - Normal? Cost?

From my review: I recently noticed yellow fluid would come out of my right nipple. I later found out that I have Capsular contraction on my right... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Payment Plans?

Are there payment plans for breast augmentation? I'm located in Utah. READ MORE

How much would it cost for breast lift with areola reduction to correct tubular breasts?

I have tubular breasts, but I am also a C cup, so I really have no interest in getting implants as part of my surgery to correct my tubular breasts. I... READ MORE

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