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Will Adderall Affect my Breast Augmentation?

I am prescribed adderall xr. I have been taking it prior to my breast augmentation, will it affect anything? READ MORE

Suboxone and Breast Augmentation

If You Are on a Low Dose of Suboxone 2mg, Can You Have Breast Augmentation? Will the Pain Meds. be Enough to Help Subside the Pain? READ MORE

Will a history of bulimia cause problems during breast augmentation surgery?

I struggled with bulimia for 4 years. Its something I have over come though and its been 1 month since the last time I threw up. I know bulimia can... READ MORE

BA and Piercings?

Booked in for BA in march, had a piercing in august 2012 .. if my industrial /scaffold (ear cartilage) piercing is infected will they do the surgery?... READ MORE

How Long is the Recovery Time After a Breast Augmentation with Smart Lipo?

At the first week of June I will have a smart lipo only on my back and love handle, also I am going to have breast augmentation. How many days I have... READ MORE

Will Getting a Breast Augmentation Negatively Affect Laser Tattoo Removal on My Back?

I'm currently undergoing tattoo removal, the process is going to take up to a year, and more than likely longer. Im opting to have my breasts... READ MORE

INH and Surgery?

Hello, I had to start taking INH last month because of a positive skin test (chest xray was negative). I must take it every day for 9 months. Is this... READ MORE

Can Underarm Hyperhidrosis cause Breast Augmentation complications?

I am wondering if I should have any concerns about having an axillary incision for my breast augmentation while suffering axillary hyperhidrosis.... READ MORE

HGH after breast augmentation?

I've been using HGH 1 iu per day for anti aging and overall general Heath for about 2 months now. I was wondering what the recommendations would be... READ MORE

Small benign lump in one breast - Still okay to get implants?

I have a small lump (about 1cm diameter) that can be felt close to the outside of one breast, but is not visible. It has been thoroughly checked via... READ MORE

Will my Protein S deficiency be an issue in my upcoming breast augmentation?

I was recently diagnosed with a Protein S deficiency (last week). I have called my PS and the nurse says there are no issues with the blood disorder... READ MORE

Will Hirsutism Impact my Breast Augmentation?

I have hirsutism (hair on my chest). What impact, if any, will this have on breast augmentation and vice versa. READ MORE

Acquired Breast Asymmetry, Cyclical Pain is Surgery Still an Option?

I have asymmetric breasts. Im 26 now and one of my breasts grew significantly larger than the other around two years ago. It hurts more than the left... READ MORE

I Am Currently on Cymbalta and Am Worried I Will Not Be Allowed to Have Breast Augmentation Because of This?

I have planned to have a breast augmentation in feb. I have just started to take cymbalta for generalized anxiety which I believe has been caused by... READ MORE

Is previous history of depression and self harm a contraindication to breast augmentation?

I was diagnosed a year ago with depression and prescribed antidepressants which I am still taking. The cosmetic surgery provider cancelled my... READ MORE

I am getting a breast augmentation in 2 months. Will the use of medical marijuana affect me?

I have stopped smoking but I still eat marijuana edibles. Should I stop with an upcoming surgery in March? READ MORE

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