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Is significant weight gain after breast augmentation normal?

I am about four days out of surgery. My implants are 400cc each. When I left my home before my surgery, I weight 155lbs, and when I returned home... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Still Be Constipated 3 Weeks After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

I really need help, I don't want to be dependent on laxatives. I took stool softeners the first week and thought my own body would kick back in.... READ MORE

Four days post op and still can't move my bowels. Is this normal?

I just had a breast augmentation on February 17 have been drinking plenty of fluids, eating vegetables high in fiber, and after speaking with my PS's... READ MORE

Breast augmentation constipation, 4 days post-op. What should I do?

I had my surgery 4 days ago and have had no bowel movement, granite I'm not regular anyways. I have taken a few laxatives as well. What should I do" READ MORE

What should be used for bloating/constipation after BA surgery?

I have noticed that many women have extremely horrible bloating and constipation after their breast augmentation. What medicine or over the counter... READ MORE

3 days post op Breast Augmentation, I have not used my bowels since. Is this normal?

Have not used my bowels since.. I dont think i am constipated from the medications as i have not had the urge to go READ MORE

Constipated after breast augmentation - is it normal? I've already tried Colace laxatives and they didn't work.

So today is officially a week since my BA, It's so embarrassing but I have to ask. Is it normal to be constipated after surgery? I've already tried... READ MORE

Needing help with constipation. I have been extremely constipated. I am very bloated and look like I'm pregnant.

I'm very distended and cannot pass gas either. I started the stool softener/laxative before surgery. And i am 4 days post op. I have tried milk of... READ MORE

Having trouble having s bowel movement after my Breast augmentation surgery. Any suggestions?

I have taken a few laxatives and nothing. I hate being constipated because it makes me frustrated but I know that narcotics will do that. Is there... READ MORE

Is constipation normal after breast augmentation?

I had surgery on the 20th of January and I was prescribed Senna herbal laxatives to take to help me go to the toilet I still haven't been 5 days later... READ MORE

Scared for surgery now!!!! Any suggestions?

Hi I am due to have my breast enlargement under the muscle in 2 weeks. I'm very worried about everything that could go wrong now. Like infection,... READ MORE

Had MCT oil for past two days - Breast Aug is less than five days away - should I reschedule?

I have breast augmentation scheduled this Thursday. I wasn't thinking and used a tablespoon of MCT oil yesterday and the day before in the morning on... READ MORE

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