Constipation + Breast Augmentation

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Is It Normal to Still Be Constipated 3 Weeks After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

I really need help, I don't want to be dependent on laxatives. I took stool softeners the first week and thought my own body would kick back in.... READ MORE

Is significant weight gain after breast augmentation normal?

I am about four days out of surgery. My implants are 400cc each. When I left my home before my surgery, I weight 155lbs, and when I returned home... READ MORE

What should be used for bloating/constipation after BA surgery?

I have noticed that many women have extremely horrible bloating and constipation after their breast augmentation. What medicine or over the counter... READ MORE

Four days post op and still can't move my bowels. Is this normal?

I just had a breast augmentation on February 17 have been drinking plenty of fluids, eating vegetables high in fiber, and after speaking with my PS's... READ MORE

Breast augmentation constipation, 4 days post-op. What should I do?

I had my surgery 4 days ago and have had no bowel movement, granite I'm not regular anyways. I have taken a few laxatives as well. What should I do" READ MORE

3 days post op Breast Augmentation, I have not used my bowels since. Is this normal?

Have not used my bowels since.. I dont think i am constipated from the medications as i have not had the urge to go READ MORE

Constipated after breast augmentation - is it normal? I've already tried Colace laxatives and they didn't work.

So today is officially a week since my BA, It's so embarrassing but I have to ask. Is it normal to be constipated after surgery? I've already tried... READ MORE

Having trouble having s bowel movement after my Breast augmentation surgery. Any suggestions?

I have taken a few laxatives and nothing. I hate being constipated because it makes me frustrated but I know that narcotics will do that. Is there... READ MORE

Needing help with constipation. I have been extremely constipated. I am very bloated and look like I'm pregnant.

I'm very distended and cannot pass gas either. I started the stool softener/laxative before surgery. And i am 4 days post op. I have tried milk of... READ MORE

Is constipation normal after breast augmentation?

I had surgery on the 20th of January and I was prescribed Senna herbal laxatives to take to help me go to the toilet I still haven't been 5 days later... READ MORE

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