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Wearing a Compression Band for 6 Months After Breast Augmentation?

After surgery the doctor told me to wear something like compression band above my breast constantly for no less than 6 month… Isn’t it... READ MORE

Are Post Surgery Bra's for Support or to Keep Compression?

I am 11 days out and the bra is my only issue. I am wearing an XL sports bra but by the end of the day my breats and back or tingling like it is too... READ MORE

"Compression" Bra Versus "Sports" Bra

What is the difference between a compression bra & a sports bra? Although my surgeon provides a compression bra after surgery, I will need some... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Lift and Augmentation Do I Need to Wear the Surgical Bra?

I had a full breast lift and a 700cc silicone breast augmentation. Is it necessary for me to wear a sports bra for 3-6 months and also to bed? I would... READ MORE

What Does Post-operation Bra Do to the New Breasts?

Providing support or compression? I'm asking the question because my current one (sports bra) is a bit too tight on me, and I'm worried about the... READ MORE

Best Garments and Gadgets for Recovery from Breast Augmentation?

Since my last breast augmentation 20 years ago, it appears that many new post-op items have come onto the market including: compression bras with... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my Breast to Look This Way 5 Days Post Op? (photo)

I just had surgery and had a bilateral breast augmentation with smooth rnd mod plus profile saline. My right breast was about 50cc larger than my left... READ MORE

I Accidentally Dried my Compression Bra, and I Am Very Itchy. Should I Call my Doctor About This?

I'm on my third day after breast augmentation. I accidentally dried my Compression Bras in the dryer after having breast augmentation. The braw is... READ MORE

Can I wear a waist trainer after a Breast Augmentation?

I'm 5 weeks post op and was wondering if it's safe to wear a waist training slimmer yet. Since the slimmer will push up the breasts. Will this affect... READ MORE

Do Compression Straps Really Work? (photo)

I had my surgery 7 days ago and for the last 6 days I have had to wear this terrible strap 24/7. Right after surgery I did have one breast resting... READ MORE

Will I Lose the Upper Fullness if I Use a Compression Band?

I asked for round "fake" breasts with upper fullness. Im 3 days post op. My follow up dr (different than my surgeon) told me to wear a compression... READ MORE

How Efficient is the Compression Band? I Am Getting Discouraged ... And What is the Correct Position It Should Be in? (photo)

I have been wearing the breast band since my 1 day post op for 12days now I am feeling so much pressure and to be honest a bit of pain ... Am I being... READ MORE

Do I Need a Post Op Bra or Do I Keep Wearing the Stretch Tube Given by the Hospital?

I still have swelling on each side of each breast which will make wearing a standard bra (underwire or not) difficult. I am told i will need to get a... READ MORE

Compression Bra With Band On Top, But I Feel Like the Bottom of Breasts Should Be Bigger?

My PS has be wearing a compression bra with the band on top after my breast augmentation. I am 3 weeks post op and of course my breast are still high... READ MORE

Do I need the compression strap if my breast looks natural?

My breasts look very natural at 3 days post op, do I still need to wear the compression band? I had very small breasts (32aa) and had 300cc saline... READ MORE

Breast augmentation and waist trainer?

Yes I am six days post op was wondering if it would be Okay to wear a waist trainer it does not contain wires and does not touch number incision... READ MORE

Is it normal for one breast to still feel "tighter" than the other?

I had a lift with augmentation on 6/16. 415cc high profile under the muscle. Last week my doctor said i could stop wearing my compression band every... READ MORE

Does it look like I developed double bubble? (photos)

I am 7 weeks post op and I just started realizing my left breast has a weird ridge underneath. about 2 weeks ago I thought I saw some weird rippling... READ MORE

Can I remove my compression bra for short periods of time after having a breast augmentation with furry brazilian implants?

I'm having a breast augmentation in a few weeks using polyurethane (furry brazilian) implants at 610cc. The surgery is providing me with compression... READ MORE

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