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Have I Got an Infection from Breast Implants? Draining Clear Fluid.

I had silicone textured breast implants on 23/9/11 the first night I had extreme pain in left side when stitches came out left side was open and clear... READ MORE

What can I put on my incision? I'm 2 wks post op & had a periareolar incision. (photo)

Hi! Today, one of my scabs fell off, it was small, but I have a feeling it wasn't ready to come off yet. Looks like a little hole is still open & some... READ MORE

Is occasional clear discharge from incision normal? (Photo)

I had my ba 3 weeks ago and my left breast is healing nicely, however there is a very small indentation on my right incision that occasionally (once... READ MORE

I have itching and clear fluid from incisions 5 weeks post op. Any suggestions?

I'm 5weeks post op after my surgery. The take finally came off. The breasts are really ichy all over. There is also clear liquid coming from the... READ MORE

I had a Breast Aug 14 days ago. Had seroma pocket that opened and drained a bit that developed about 5 days ago. (photos)

Please help! my right breast is still filled with fluid. I have not ran a fever but just now took temp of 99.7. I have been to SEVERAL ER's and have... READ MORE

Blood clot risk after standard breast augmentation? How long after until you're "in the clear"?

How long are you at an increased risk of blood clot(s) after surgery? I am healthy (weight, Bp, no diseases or conditions) my uncle has had a stroke... READ MORE

Pus leaking for 3 weeks even with antibiotics

I am 7 weeks post-op and there has been pus leaking from my wound for 3 weeks now. I am on antibiotics for 3 weeks already and it is getting less but... READ MORE

When can I return to yoga?

I practice yoga at least 2-3 times a week. When would I be in the clear to continue to practice after my breast augmentation? READ MORE

Follow-up: How does my incision look today? (Photos)

Yesterday I posted about an issue with my Incision. Took advice and went to doctor. She opened up the Incision and drained a fair amount of serous... READ MORE

Breakout after BA. Any tips to clear my skin? (Photo)

Hello, after my BA my chest broke out. Any tips to clear my skin? READ MORE

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