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Smoked Two Cigarettes 48 Hours Before BA Surgery is that OK?

Hi! My BA surgery is on Friday at 9AM...48 hours essentially. I am not an occasional smoker but today I smoked two cigarettes and also three... READ MORE

How will my doctor know if I smoked cigarettes before surgery?

Today is Monday and my BA is on Wednesday. I have been doing my absolute best to cut down on smoking and I am still very nervous that they may... READ MORE

Is 3 Weeks Long Enough to Past a Nicotine Unine Test & Have a Safe Breast Agumentation & Lift

My dr requires 4 weeks smoke free before having a breast lift. I would have been exactly that had I not smoked about 10 cigarettes after recieving... READ MORE

Would smoking straight after breast implants affect on my healing?

Hi, I gave up smoking 2 weeks prior to surgery and was doing great but have slipped up a little.. I am 2 weeks post op and over the last 2 weeks I... READ MORE

Recreational drug use and breast augmentation?

I am getting a breast augmentation on January 9th, I stopped smoking cigarettes 5 days ago and stopped using cocaine recreationally as well... However... READ MORE

Can I do mushrooms before a breast augmentation?

I'm getting a breast augmentation Aug. 18. My doctor reccommended I stop smoking marijuana and cigarettes before my operation (which has I have.) Now... READ MORE

Is 4 weeks enough time for nicotine to get out of my system before breast augmentation?

I have been smoking maybe 2 cigarettes a day for only the last 3 weeks socially and just scheduled my breast augmentation for 4 weeks out. Is 4 weeks... READ MORE

Smoking 3 weeks before breast augmentation. Will that affect my healing process??

I'm a social smoker and was told by my PS that I should stop smoking one month before the BA. My surgery was scheduled on January 28th, but I smoked... READ MORE

Electronic Cigarette vs.' regular' Cigarette. Which is worse?

I know stopping smoking is an absolute must before surgery, but will an E cigarette do the same damage as a normal cigarette in reguards to slowing... READ MORE

How can I lower my risks of getting a CC?

One of my main concerns of all for when I get my BA is developing a capsular contracture. How can I lower my risks of getting one? I do smoke... READ MORE

Smoking 10/11 days post op after breast augmentation. Is this ok?

I recently had a breast augmentation Periareolar incision and I was wondering if it would be okay to smokes 2-3 cigarettes 10/11 days post op. Could... READ MORE

How long before surgery should e-cigarette use be stopped?

I use an electronic cigarette. How long prior to a breast lift and augmentation should I quit? I have heard variations on time and my surgery is in... READ MORE

Will smoking less then half of cigarette with with weed affect breast lift and augmentation?

I smoke just at night would it affect my breast lift and augmentation surgery considering it not very much tobacco READ MORE

Cigarette smoking before BA - I was wondering if anyone actually smoked through until their surgery.

I just recently found out about the dangers of smoking (for healing) leading to high chances of capsular contracture and my surgery is the 28th. Super... READ MORE

I smoked about five cigarettes post op. breast augmentation, am I going to heal properly?!?

I had surgery about 10 days ago and I smoked my 5th 9-10th day but I'm not a heavy smoker, so in total it was about 7? Cigarettes... And my right... READ MORE

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