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Will 350CC Make Me a FULL C/D Cup? (photo)

I have 3 kids and have nothing but skin left 32 AA I want to go to a D cup my PS said He will not go bigger then 350CC I feel that this will make me a... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation- I Want Nice Boobs, NOT BIG Boobs! Mentor Moderate Profile Saline? (Photo)

I have a breat augmentation scheduled in a week. I want to be a full C/ small D. Absolutely, not a DD!!! About me: 4'11 140 lbs Bra size- 36B/34C... READ MORE

Size 36A with Tuberous Breast, Tried on from 400-650ccs. Nervous About Size? (photo)

Hi I will be having a breast augmentation and tummy tuck. I am 28, I am 5'3 and weigh 180. I am not a slim girl. My Dr. said I have tuberous breast... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation, What Size Should I Get For My Frame? (photo)

I'm 5'7 170-175 lbs and according to the PS perception around 14-15 width. I want to get big breasts but not porn stars. My first ps said... READ MORE

Size of Implants, Areola Incision, High or Moderate? (photo)

Included b&a pic of DESIRED results & my own pics/measurements My doctor uses Allergan silicone & suggested high profile 600-650cc but the... READ MORE

34B to a 34D...what's the Right Amount of Cc's? (photo)

I am currently a 34B wanting to be a full C, small D. I am leaning more towards the D but do NOT want to be any bigger than that. I'm 5'7, 155 lbs,... READ MORE

I'm 180 and 5'8 is 700cc Too Big?

I'm a 34B BA and my weight is 180 but will drop 20lbs by operation, so far I have talked to surgeon he suggested 700cc is that gonna be too big? It's... READ MORE

I Want to Know if 500cc Implants Are Right for my Size? (photo)

I'm currently a small A cup wanting a D cup size. i'm 23, 5'5, 127lbs, I originally chose 475cc silicone high profile implants but when i went in for... READ MORE

Is 260cc or 300cc Silicone Implants Better on a Thin and Skinny? Allergan 5'1''

I have scheduled the surgery for the next 16 of august, but I am not sure about the size. The reasons is that I dont want to have big size, cause I am... READ MORE

Will I Achieve 2 Cup Sizes with my Implant Selections? (photo)

I'm 30 years of age, 5'4.5", 120 lbs. I've nursed a child 3 years ago. Band size is 30.5 in. Bust measures 35 in. I currently wear 34A or 36AA. PS... READ MORE

Under Muscle or Over? Moderate-plus or High Profile? Which Silicone Inplant BEST Fits my Body for a Natural "D" Cup Look? (photo

I'm 5'5 weigh 170 lbs. I wear a 36B and am looking to achieve a "D" natural cup that will not make me look wider and too "ball-ly". I've been told by... READ MORE

Wants Breast Implants That Will Take Me from a C38 to a VERY Full 36DD? (photo)

I'm currently C38 and I do have some sagging as pictures show. I want more projection and fullness then I naturally have. I personally do not want to... READ MORE

350cc, 370cc or 400cc to Get a Nice and Full D Cup and an Hourglass Shaped Body? (photo)

Currently I am a 34B cup but I cant fill my bra out completely. My Ideal cup size (and body) is a nice D cup like Kim Kardashian. My body... READ MORE

Will 310cc Be Too Small for Me?

Hey, I'm having a breast enlargement very soon, I am a small b cup size now, as they are deflated from having a baby. I am 5 foot 1 and weigh at 7... READ MORE

Very Confused on Size? 425 Cc, HP Mentor Silicone? I Think I Would Like a D. (photo)

I am 33y, 5'3 and 112 lbs. I am 32A however my rib size (under breast)is about 29. My hips are fairly wide at about 36. I BF 3 kids. My breasts have... READ MORE

Tuberous Breast Sub Muscular 300 Silicone or Sub Glandular 260 Silicone? (photo)

I have been to two different and very reputable doctors in my area and they have very different ideas on how to achieve the desired goal? Which is... READ MORE

I Am 6 Ft Tall and 185lbs with Wide Hips and Shoulders. Will 500cc Implants Be Too Big?

My breasts now are 15 inches in diameter and I have a 30 inch rib cage READ MORE

To Get Me to a Full C/small D? (photo)

Hello! I am planning on having breast augmentation later this month and am still undecided about size. I want a nice full C/small D that is natural. I... READ MORE

Implant Size and Profile Estimate? (photo)

I am hoping to achieve breasts like Laura Prestin. She started out a B cup and is 5' 6" and 115 lbs. What range of cc's would you assume that she has,... READ MORE

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