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Breast Augmentation - Lifting Child After Surgery?

My breasts are hugely uneven. I'll be 39 in a few weeks, and seriously considering surgery. BUT I have a two year old, whom I am the primary care... READ MORE

Saggy Boobs, What To Do? (Photo)

Hi I am 21 and have a 7 month old son. I was breast feeding and have been really depressed and cry most nights as my breast are extremely saggy and... READ MORE

Revision Breast Augmentation Recovery

I am seriously considering a second breast augmentation. I had my 1st implants 9 years ago; they were saline and were placed above the muscle. I had a... READ MORE

What kind of procedure will help with my tuberous breasts? Any doctors that specialize or have plenty of experience with this? (

I have been unhappy with the size and shape of my breasts for years. From what I have researched I seem to have tuberous breasts and my right breast... READ MORE

What Breast Augmentation Work Best for my Frame?

I am looking to get a mommy makeover by year end but is confused on what procedure works best for. After childbirth my already small breast started to... READ MORE

How is the Recovery on a Implant Revision?

I am considering revision on my implants I had placed 4 years ago. I have since had a baby who is now 20 months. What is the recovery time like and... READ MORE

Do I need a Breast Lift or will an augment be okay? (photo)

My surgeon said i can go either way (with or without a lift), I had a baby 2 years ago. I'm trying to save a little money and don't want the lift... READ MORE

Can Anyone Reassure Me About Getting Under Muscle Implants and Lift ?

I'm concerned pain wise about under muscle implants and lift I'm going from a/b cup to a DD I have a 21 month old whom will be at grandmas for... READ MORE

Caring for a 15 Lb. Baby Post-surgery (Breast Augmentation, Full Unders, 'Crease Incision', Small B to Small D)?

I am a super-single mom & my family have significant physical disabilities that limit their 'help' to holding my daughter while sitting only. I... READ MORE

What should i do about my severely asymmetrical breasts? (photo)

I'm 21. I have a child so my breasts also sag. They have been this way my whole life.. READ MORE

Breast lift now or later? With implants. (photos)

I went to a consultation doctor said I could use a lift but didn't need one and that he didn't like to perform mastopexy on someone so young. I'll be... READ MORE

When can you lift/ pick up heavy objects after a Breast Augmentation?

I have a 3 year old and an 8 month old and was wondering how soon after my breast augmentation under the muscle can I pick them up...?  READ MORE

Need help to find the right size and implant style? (Photos)

I am 32years old and have been thinking about getting a breast augmentation for many years, the only thing holding me back is that i do want another... READ MORE

First consult: recommended to get 650-800cc silicone HP under the muscle. Based on my photos, would you agree? (photos)

I have had 1 child, breastfed for a short time and am left with deflated boobs. I have always been insecure of their size. Im around a 34b/c depending... READ MORE

I am 4-5 days post op. I have 410cc teardrop cohesive implants. Will my boobs drop and get the more natural look? (photos)

I went from an A cup with asymetry. Have 1 child and boobs deflated after breastfeeding. I am 174 cm tall and 60 kg. READ MORE

Hi there. I am completely confused at the moment and looking for extra advise on breast augmentations and CC size. (photo)

I am 21 years old and have had a baby (No breastfeeding) and suffered bulima. I am looking to have a BA to get boobs bigger and to full them out again... READ MORE

How many days after Breast Augmentation can I lift my 35 pound toddler ?

Im worried that once my husband goes back to work and I go back to being an at Home mom that I might over do it. I am gonna need to lift and hold... READ MORE

Did I hurt my tissues after heavy lifting? I'm one week post breast augmentation, healing very well.

I have 3 you boy, I was walking with him, holding his hand when he fell down and unconsciously I lifted him quickly with my hand. I feel some pain on... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation- Mother of 3 year old, what should I expect after surgery?

I have a 3 year old daughter who is very active and independent, she most likely won't need me to pick her up. BUT We are flying out on exactly the... READ MORE

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