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What is the Truth About Chest Workouts After Breast Augmentation Under Muscle?

My doc told me not to do any chest involving exercises such as push-ups, chest press, etc EVER because I will risk implant shifting out of place. I... READ MORE

Pushups and chest press after Breast Augmentation.

Ive heard both sides of the argument regarding doing pushups after BA. Are there certain surgery techniques that lend to allowing chest exercises over... READ MORE

Severe acne after my breast augmentation. Was it caused by surgery? When will it go away or how to treat it? (Photo)

Hi There, I have my breast augmentation surgery 7 weeks ago, I now have horrible acne on my chest, neck, face and upper back. My skin as become so... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation for Patient with Prone to Severe Anxiety?

Does the swelling and weight of new Breast implants cause some patients prone to anxiety to have severe anxiety? I have had to cancel surgery to start... READ MORE

Will Chest Exercise Increase Post Operative Breast Augmentation Pain?

I'm working out regularly in the gym so my chest muscle are tight although my skin is loose and breast have lost volume and saggy after having baby. I... READ MORE

Costochondritis and Breast Implants

I have had relatively frequent chest pain (last 4 years , believed to be costcochondritis) and can usually control the pain with ibuprofen, but are... READ MORE

Should I Still Have Chest Pain 8 Days Post BA?

Had augmentation 8 days ago now. I had allergen natural, submusculor, 445g is the size of each imlant. I am still having pain in my chest and... READ MORE

I Would Like to Know if You Can Still Have Breast Augmentation With A Sunken Chest?

I would like to know if you can still have breast augmentation if you have a sunken chest? i have looked all over to see if other people or doctors... READ MORE

Procedure to Fix Natural Symmastia?

I have natural Symmastia. Its not the muscle, just skin that allows no cleavage line. There's not any fat underneath, my skin is just not... READ MORE

Bumps and Redness on Chest After Breast Augmentation, What is It?

I had my BA 4 days ago. In between my breasts was very red and I just figured it was bruising from the surgery. Last night, I noticed these whitehead... READ MORE

Chest pressure and pain - are my implants too big for me? (photos)

I'm 94lbs and 5"3 . 6 weeks from post op . 339 implants over the muscle. Extremely heavy pressure in my chest wall,swelling and some numbness and... READ MORE

Is It Possible That Your Chest Cavity Can Be Too Small for Breast Augmentation?

I have recently had a brest augmentation, i was a size 12b looking at going to a size large c.. after surgery my Doctor informed me that my chest... READ MORE

How Long Until I Can Do Chest Exercises After a Breast Augmentation?

I am an amateur trapeze artist. There is a lot of arm pulling a use of chest muscles in this sport. I will be getting saline implants under the muscle... READ MORE

Scar Tissue In Chest After Breast Augmentation

I have a breast augmentation in 1999, but for the last 2 years I have pains and tighten feeling in the area where my breast are, I have gone up a... READ MORE

Cosmetic treatments for a bony chest? (Photo)

Are there any cosmetic treatments (i.e. injection of some sort) to improve the appearance of a bony chest? Sample pictures of what I am referring to... READ MORE

How soon will tightness go away? And when I eat it feels like my chest gets tighter and tighter. Why? (Photo)

I just got my BA done 5 days ago and I can't breathe for the life of me. How soon before I can start to feel normal again? Every time I eat or drink... READ MORE

I Am A Roller Hockey Goalie and Am Hit In My Chest Protector at 50-100 MPH. Am I A Candidate For BA?

I wear a chest plate which covers my chest area but I was wondering could I have a chest enlargement . Balls hit my chest over 50-100 mph . Was... READ MORE

Would a BA make my chest look even more obvious? (Photo)

The left side of my chest bone (don't know the name) stick out right in the center of my chest. The right side indents . I'm concerned that a BA Will... READ MORE

Will my tattoo be ruined after Breast Augmentation surgery? (photo)

I just got a chest piece yesterday and my surgery isnt until next month early october. Am getting 400cc silicone teardrop implants. Will my tattoo be ok? READ MORE

Follow-up Question: What is wrong with my boob implants? (photo)

I have 800 cc under the muscle silicone implants . I got them done dec 30,15 I'm 5'9 & I weigh 145 Why is ther ripples under my nipples? Why are... READ MORE

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