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If I Lose 15 More Pound After Breast Augmentation Surgery Will That Affect the Shape of my Breast?

I am have breast augmentation in 3 week and I am 15 pound from my weight lost goal . If I lose 15 pound after my surgery will it affect the shape of... READ MORE

3 weeks Post Op Size. Will I drop much more? (Photo)

I'm 3 weeks post op with 385cc Silcone HP unders && want to know if I still have a lot more dropping to do && also a little concerned about my size. I... READ MORE

Should my dr had cleaned or changed my tape at my 2 week post op? (photo)

He told me if the tape comes off just to retake leave on 10 hrs then clean confused spent that leave room for infection and his nurse had the tape out... READ MORE

2 months post op Breast Augmentation. I feel like my hormone levels have changed. Can surgery cause changes in hormones?

I am experiencing the same sort of symptoms I did while breast feeding. Oily hair, acne and body odor. I am taking a mini pull for birth control and... READ MORE

My right breast is NOT all round after 7 months. Should I continue to wait for changes? (photos)

1 month p.op rght breast as u can see was dropping the left is high. At 5M i noticed rippling on the outer side of the right. 3wks ago I noticed no... READ MORE

Is It Too Late to Change Your Mind and Go Bigger??

I'm getting my BA in 2 weeks. I'm getting a 480cc on right n 510 on left...but thinking real hard about I want to go with 500cc on both. I already... READ MORE

Do I have Tubular Breasts and will my nipples change during pregnancy? (photo)

I'm 24 years old, 12 weeks pregnant with my first child and concerned with the shape of my breasts as well as my nipples being two completely... READ MORE

Will my breast change in shape and size and will they drop and fluff? (photos)

I'm 11 days post op and I feel my breast have not changed at all since day 1. I'm beginning to worry as most people see some kind of change at this... READ MORE

How easy and cost effective would it be to change out my implants?

My plastic surgeon did a great job but I am a DD and would like them lifted and probably smaller. How hard is it to do? Will insurance cover some of... READ MORE

How much can I expect my breast size to change over the next month? (photos)

I'm one week post op from my breast augmentation and got 375 cc HP under the muscle. My recovery has been pretty smooth and painless, and my implants... READ MORE

2 days post op, will my breast change? (photos)

Hi, I'm day 2 post op and have major bruising, also my breast are touching in the middle and look like a weird shape ! They look horrifying ! Is it... READ MORE

1 week post op-loving my size. Is this just the swollen size? (photos)

Hi and thanks for looking at my question. How much swelling is normal? My breasts actually look much larger than when I first had surgery last week... READ MORE

6 days post op, is this hematoma? (photos)

I did send my surgeon photos since my appointment is not until Monday. Maybe I can change it until tomorrow. I wasn't scared before about hematoma but... READ MORE

Changing my surgeon and need a full refund, am I entitled to it?

I booked a breast augmentation with a non-board certified surgeon (oops) in New York for March 21st. They told me to book an appointment I needed to... READ MORE

How long till breasts stop changing and take on their final shape??

I am 6 weeks post op. I feel like most of my swelling if not all is gone. I have no pain and can wear an underwire bra. I seem to still have one... READ MORE

My breast implants look strange in the center. Is it muscle distortion? Can this be fixed? (photos)

Had saline implants switched to silicone 1 year ago. Over the past few months there is a very distinct change at the center of the implants. The shape... READ MORE

What caused the strong indentation with a muscle band on my left breast? Can a breast implant revision fix my problem? (photo)

I had my primary breast augmentation in 1991, subglandular, inframmary, McGhan style 110, moderate profile, 270cc textured silicon; my breasts shape... READ MORE

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